Rockband PS2

I’m not a console gamer, but I have family who are (read this as: they like games like Madden), so I decided to buy a PS2 and guitar hero III for that person (with Madden thrown in.)

However, I’ve just noticed that rockband is coming out for the PS2. Does anyone know what the deal is? Do the GHIII guitars work with RB on the PS2? Can you buy the drums separately? It would be good to know that I’ve made a purchase that has an upgrade path…

I’m not even sure what the availably of RB is for christmas, so I’m nervous about cancelling my GHIII pack to get RB - most stores don’t even have extra guitars in stock right now, it’s a mess. Any advice would be welcomed…

Don’t cancel your GHIII Pack, as its an entirely different game.

That being said, there hasn’t been a shortage of rock band in any place I’ve looked, while I can’t find a GHIII Xbox 360 to save my life.

Definitely don’t cancel. A quick review of all the major online retailers shows limited availability for the PS2 RB bundle (most of them won’t let you pre-order). Plus, reports of easily broken guitars and drums might make you rethink the bundle anyway.

I haven’t had any trouble with the drums, but the guitar will break. The guitar from GH3 is not only easier to use but will also work with Rock Band (though not the other way around).

Definitely start them off with GH3 and a 2nd (not generic) guitar.

I forgot to mention that buying the RB game by itself should be no problem. If you’re feeling magnanimous, you could buy the GHIII bundle and a standalone RB. Opinions vary, but I find the RB set list superior.

I purchased the GHIII wireless bundle for the PS2:

While I haven’t played GHIII, I have had a chance to play RB, and I do like the setlist more (plus, drums are too much fun!) It’s good to know that the guitars are forward compatable - I like to leave room to expand/extend. Are there any places that sell just drums for the PS2? Searches on teh google aren’t really turning up usful info.

Unfortunately, a la carte instruments won’t be available until early next year. Most stores are showing a tentative release date of January 31.

Can the PS2 stream and mix 10 stereo channels of compressed audio in real time? That’s how many I’m counting at work: guitar, bass, vocal, crowd vocals, backing track, and then five drum channels. The crowd vocals would probably be first to go, but I’m concerned that the drums will be merged into a single channel that cuts out as a unit, like the guitar and bass parts, which is just not going to work right; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been lost and gotten back on track by just hitting the hat/ride line, then adding the kick, then adding the snare.

Why wouldn’t this be possible if it were merged into a single channel/unit?

There’s no need. A PS2 can handle 48 channels with hardware alone…

If you had to play everything to get the audio to play, you wouldn’t get any audio feedback when playing just one part. The only feedback you’d get is the visual of the note gem exploding. This would both ruin the illusion and make it more difficult to get the timing right, because the audio is the more important timing cue.

Hm. Presumably, this refers to playing back samples already loaded into RAM, not necessarily streaming. I haven’t heard PS2 games stream more than three channels at once, which could be handled in software. But for all I know Guitar Hero 2 really did just send the bitstream through the SPU and adding a few more audio tracks is just a matter of allocating more channels.

Hah, now I feel like loading up Amplitude and trying to figure out how much of that must’ve been streamed and how much could’ve been sample-based.

The Guitar Hero III controllers may or may not be compatible with Rock Band on the PS2, considering they don’t work for Rock Band on the PS3.

Get thee to your nearest Guitar Center. I have recently seen piles of GHIII boxes at two different stores. Apparently, people who play real instruments have little interest in silly plastic guitars.

The wireless Strats are interchangeable between PS2 and PS3. Since the GHIII guitar on PS3 is going to work for Rock Band PS3 soon, I expect that they will ship the PS2 version with support for it.