Rockford Files DVD Announced

Fucking A! First Space Above and Beyond, now the Rockford Files is FINALLY coming to DVD. has the news, but if you don’t feel like clicking…

Fans have been waiting and waiting for this announcement, and Universal has just made it official this morning: The Rockford Files - Season 1 is coming to DVD on December 6th! The early info isn’t complete, but you can expect a set of 3 double-sided DVDs according to the information provided. Strangely enough, the studio info shows the running time of the second and third disc as being about 6:42 hours, but the first disc (noted as double-sided) is only shown as being 3:52 hours. If that’s accurate, then we hope it means the first disc is loaded up with extras. However, Universal’s initial announcement made no mention of bonus features.

Aspect ratio is Full Frame (1.33:1), and soundtrack is English Mono (duplicating the original broadcast situation). There are also English and Spanish subtitles on these episodes. Price is going ot be $39.98 SRP.

I can’t wait for 12/6/05.


Also: this.

Cool. But, dammit, no fair fooling us with that link! I was expecting the real theme song, not some MIDI version. Love that song.

In other cool old “TV shows on DVD” news, the final season of Soap comes out on Oct. 11. Woohoo! Just going to be sad getting to that last episode knowing that the abrupt cancellation left all the storylines up in the air.

At this rate everyone is going to get all the jokes on MST3K.

Hey, that was just something I happened to have on my system.

Fine, here. Sheesh.

Hey, that was just something I happened to have on my system.

Fine, here. Sheesh.[/quote]

Much better!

No kidding. I was completely surprised to see S:AAB on the shelf at Best Buy when I went to buy a printer last week. I guess my strategy of buying all those cancelled Chris Carter shows I didn’t really want finally worked!

Just watched the last episode tonight and it still gets me choked up. I’m bummed there aren’t any commentaries or interviews with Morgan and Wong, but broadcast quality digital video is more than I ever thought I’d get. Although the good image quality does kinda highlight the crude CGI, especially in the first few episodes. The appearance of Babylon 5 in the main menu for each disc is kind of embarrassing.