Rocking floor chair thing vs. beanbag? (for living room gaming)

My eyes really, really suck and to get the most out of gaming in my living room I need to sit on the floor in front of the tv. I don’t have the endurance or strength to just “sit upright” on my own and need something confortable. I’m thinking about a beanbag chair or one of those rocker chair things: (first link I pulled up was this: I’m also kinda of wondering if there’s a way to make one fo those work with a steering wheel and pedals? That would be really awesome (but probably impossible).

What do you all suggest?

Adree - sorry, but that is way too big and too expensive.

Tali - do you have one of those? What makes them better than a $60 bean-bag from Target?

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The company that makes Fuf chairs (which are like beanbag chairs, but waaaay more comfy), is rather conveniently located for you:

I’d send 'em an email and ask if there’s somewhere locally you can try 'em out. Or, better yet, if they have anywhere locally that you can buy seconds/returns/etc for cheap.

I don’t have one myself, but I used to work for an agency that did some ad work for them – we had a few there, they are astoundingly comfortable. They use chunks of extremely resilient, cushy foam instead of typical beanbag filler.

There’s also the LoveSac.

2 set of friends have The Big One, and they are pretty damn comfy. Even crashed for a few nights in one of those.

Heh, looks like Meijer sells their stuff:

I had one of those Foof/fuf chairs for a while for gaming and while it is comfortable, they ARE just too big and heavy to be convenient, IMO. If you’ve got the space to just plop it down somewhere and leave it there for years, no problem, but don’t expect to be moving it around much and they are a pain in the ass to get rid of once/if you decide you don’t want it anymore.

I’d advise going with one of those rocker chair thingies if this is something you only want to put down when you’re actually gaming.

Rob Cockerham asks: What is the Sumo Sac?

(Although it’s probably more or less the same size as the thing Adree mentioned).

Shit bonerz from a giant orange rucksack?


I guess this got bumped for spam? Pitty, I was thinking about this the other day and did a google search. The floor chairs seem to suck, but a nice beanbag night work.

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Bean bags suck if you’re not 11 years old, IMO. I would go for the chair. (Except they look bad, so keep it in the basement/man-cave.)


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