Rocks in Healthy Choice dinners

OK, please tell me how the heck rocks enter the assembly line of food to make these dinners?

Probably the vegetables weren’t cleaned properly. I bet there is a long process where they get dragged around and dumped into different containers before they are used. I found some pebbles in a can of Hormel chili decades ago. Pre-internet days, so I called them, they sent me a bunch of coupons.

Everything I have read about the food supply chain, all sorts of crap gets in there you wouldn’t want to eat, but most you would never know. Anyway, the less preprocessed crap food in hour life, the better.

Rocks don’t have calories, so this makes the meals even healthier!

Supplemental sources of iron and calcium!

If you had a gizzard those rocks would come in handy.

Eaten rocks in beans. Goya brand seems to be much better about that. Have found rocks in rice in the past but it’s been a long time since that has happened.

I choose to believe an employee pulled a discreet flask of rocks out of his pocket and sprinkled them into the batch.

This was an employee attempt to improve the taste of their product. The rocks would in fact taste better.

From Upton Sinclair to today seems like an eternity. But is ever so. Producers of things try to make more and pay less. There is certainly a great divide between then and now. In Upton’s day the miscreants had holes as big as they were to escape through. These days the holes are much smaller.

About the size of a small pebble, maybe?

The other choice besides rocks was lead. They’re just living up to their name.

How else do you think vegetables have your daily recommended allowance of iron?

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