Rockstar's "Agent"

Tom, you wrote of Rockstar’s PS3 exclusive title, Agent. “The first is Agent, Rockstar’s upcoming espionage game set during in the 1970s, during the height of the Cold War.”

Tell more, please! That sounds pretty cool!

When is LA Noire coming out anyway? Haven’t they had enough upcoming games already?

This is awesome though.

That’s not even all the studios’ games; you have Bully 2 (probably), New England projects, possibly something from Toronto, Leeds, and a new GTA. But LA Noire is the closest thing to DNF Take-Two has right now.

Isn’t LA Noire only being published by Rockstar? Team Bondi’s not a Rockstar studio, right?

Agent is being developed by the GTA guys at Rockstar North.

Take-Two is presumably bankrolling the studio.

And may be the same project as a game of the same name that was in development at Rockstar San Diego about six years ago.

Well it was being funded entirely by SCEA, but who the hell knows whether that’s still true (there was a rumour last year that Sony cut funding - was that ever confirmed?) or what is going on with it now.

Either way, I’m not really expecting to ever see it released now.

Apparently, funding was cut, but I doubt this game will ever release on 360.

Ultimately, it appears the development is going to be a 100x more interesting than the game itself; I don’t see the game as anything aside from collapsing under the weight of the ambition.

I’d say the thread about the game gives at least some insight.

Apparently this game was being developed at Rockstar San Diego years ago - according to this guy’s Linkedin profile