Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: when Justice Leagues -- and Rocksteady brawlers? -- go bad

ugh Mr. Freeze has hair?

“Your release… has been put on ice!”


I didn’t even realize this was imminent, although not as imminent as it had been. Now it’s due out on July 25, so a two week delay. Let’s find out what happened by clicking on whatever scoop Insider Gaming has published:

Yep, on brand for how WB has handled this game so far!

I still haven’t touched Suicide Squad since being disappointed with the Joker voice actor. : (

oh no, thats one character that isn’t great to mess up, who does he sound most like?

He sounds like some dork pretending to be Joker instead of Mark Hamill or Heath Ledger. : (

It might just be me, but part of what I enjoy about the game is how the characters interact with each other, and especially how expressive they all are in terms of art, animation, and voicework. It was probably too much to expect that to be carried forward with a DLC character, given how poorly the game had done. If I wanted to enjoy the character interaction, I suspect I would have been better served just replaying the base game.

Well, soon enough the rest of us will be able to check how good or bad the game is.

I suspect most will find it to be perfectly fine. Nothing special, but not the kind of game some would have you believe it is.

I enjoyed my time with it, and am planning a replay at some point.

Woah, some of these are considerably better than the usual Amazon free fare too:

AAA(A)(A)? released game from 6 months ago, free on July 16th.

Free! With my $15/month Prime subscription I have to remind myself… so it’ll probably make it to $20 in a couple years :) But definitely a win for “patientgaming”!

My Prime Video is cancelling tomorrow, I guess I’ll go back in on July 16th to get Suicide Squad kills the Justice League on Epic Game Store and to finish this season of The Boys.

I wonder if this is why they delayed Season 2 by a couple of weeks? Get ready for the big influx of players from Prime giveaway before you introduce Season 2?

Well, I saw this was on sale for about ten bucks on Xbox so I sprung for it before I saw it will be a free Amazon giveaway. Oh well, my computer is basically a toaster with a screen so I’ll get more mileage out of a console version anyway. So, it’s pretty good huh?

I didn’t see this sale. Got a link? I’d rather play it on Xbox.

Huh, doesn’t seem to be on sale anymore. But the summer sale is around the corner, bet it’ll be on sale again.

Edit: ha, I goofed and bought the digital deluxe upgrade, not the actual game. What’s weird is looking at the store item I still don’t see anything that says, hey dummy this won’t work without the base game! But luckily Xbox let me refund it anyway.

It’s a blast for a good while. I didn’t find the post-campaign stuff compelling, but most of the complaints about the game had nothing to do with gameplay, other than not being another Arkham game.

The Amazon Prime giveaway is live. I activated a free month trial and got Suicide Squad, Weird West, and TMNT Shreader’s Revenge for EGS. Pretty neat deal!

Thanks for the heads up!

I wonder if Suicide Squad needs to be installed on an SSD. Usually I install Epic Store Games on my HDD.

OMG thanks for this.

I would, it’s fairly intensive. I remember quite a bit of first-minute jank while it worked through all the shaders and whatnot.