Rocky Horror Picture Show stories go here. That are interesting.

I’ve seen it more than 250 times. Sometimes on acid. And as a security guard with my friends. Fisher, a huge guy. Jay, a not so huge guy. Patches, my stripper girlfriend. Joyce. Margie. Hal. We were devoted to it. To the point that the manager of the Waverly, a small German lady (who reminded me of Dr. Ruth) asked us, we became security. And much more.

Please talk about your stories here.

My story is not interesting, but here it is anyway.

Wife and I went with another couple. Randy was the organizer. Randy imagines himself a real Renaissance man. He’s not. I think the show was in Manchester, NH. Got the “V” drawn on my forehead. I protested too much. Show was terrible and weird. Best part was checking out the other ladies in lingerie.

I had zero drugs in my system, which did not help.

I have never seen it. That is my story.
Oh. That are interesting. Uh…

My story isn’t that great, but it did amuse me greatly. I recall one Christmas holiday my mother had the family over and decided that showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show would be a great way to get in the festive spirit. I’m not really sure why, and neither is she at this point. But it definitely made for a memorable family get-together.

Oh my, that certainly is memorable!

Meatloaf again!?

This was about the time that Stipe was also singing in a new wave covers band in the STL area, and was kind of blowing off school at SIU-E. He and my buddy Steve knew one another (they played in bands that opened for one another) and they both withdrew from school at the same time – bucking one another up for strength to go through with it.

Then the Stipe family patriarch got transferred from Scott AFB to Georgia. Stipe was inconsolable about having to move away and leave his band, to the point of tears and thinking about staying back in the STL area. (Apparently the band was pretty good, and was booking some great gigs).

He ended up moving with his family.

Things turned out OK.

I saw it once with my college girlfriend. It would have been memorable if we’d worn something interesting. But she chose to wear thigh-high leather boots, a tiny black leather skirt, and a black bustier with nothing over it. I mean it was so boring! Just the same old thing she often wore to class. :-)

I watched it once back in like 4th grade. I checked a VHS copy out from the library having just heard the name, and assumed it was an actual horror film.

It was not what I expected, and I did not care for it.

So the Waverly gig changed. We arranged a floor show that would go on during the movie. In the aisles. We had a regular cast. The soon to be wife as Janet. A girl named Joyce as Dr. Scott, because she had a wheelchair. Her father owned, and used several.

And this guy that looked so very much like Tim Curry. He was a dancer, he had the part down cold.

So the group had to find a place to rehearse. Yeah, rehearse. Where would that be. Oh… our apartment. We had a huge corner space in Washington Heights. An expensive place. Most of the neighbors couldn’t understand why we could afford it. Sex shows on Times Square. $1000 a week. Each.

Anyway we would have these romping rehearsals at weird times. This cheered up the neighbors. As did the loud music. :)

Life was wonderful and different back then.

Saw it a bunch in late high school/early college years. Something to do on weekend nights with friends, and I enjoyed it alot. Never did costumes, but knew most of the lines. I’ve seen it a few times since at cons and such.

Wait, what now? Also, you and your now wife earned the same amount doing this?

First wife.