Rogue galaxy demo

I picked one up from Eb last night. The demo only had 2 sections you could play thru, a town exploration and a temple battle area. Graphically the game looks like a more stylized version of Dragon Quest 8. I liked what they did with the skill tree system. Each member of the team has their skill tree, to get new skills you need to find a combonation of items to unlock it.

Combat is pretty interesting all real time, each member has an ap bar that goes down when attacking, using items. They also have points to use special skills. When your not controlling a person a menu will pop up for 5 seconds giving you a choice of what skills or items you want your friends to use, which are usually right for the moment. I had one guy suggest he use a res item when my other team member got knocked out. My only problem is that combat felt a bit out of control with guys attacking all over the place. Even though there are random encounters there aren’t load screens going into battle.

The thing that may break the full version for me happened during the boss fight. He got a cheap shot on the guy I was controlling and killed him, and the game instantily ended, even though I had res items my team mates could use. I’m just hoping that that was a part of the demo, if not then my interest in the game is gone.

That’s a mechanic that developers seem to love using. I wouldn’t expect it to magically disappear.

In a preview build, I was able to switch active members in case I was killed and had the other guy use a res item, so it sounds like a demo limitation and not a game one.