Rogue Lords

Out today and definitely worthy of it’s own thread.

First of all, this NOT another Slay the Spire knockoff. There’s no deckbuilding to speak of, and your actions each turn are pre-determined, not random. Each character in your party of three has five (or is it six?) slots to hold an attack, buff, etc. Once used, they are unusable until recharged. When you acquire three of a kind, they merge into an upgraded version. Also some of the nodes contain little mini-CYA stories that when successfully completed yield trinkets or skills.

The biggest difference is so called Devil Mode, (you’re supposed to be playing Old Scratch) which is essentially a cheat mode. Once activated you can change anything in the battle - add health, remove health, recharge actions and so forth. The catch is that they all cost some of your health, and when de Debbil runs out of health it’s game over.

Voice work is good, but I can’t state too strongly how much I love the art direction, which is a mix of Edward Gorey, Charles Addams, and Tim Burton.

For once, Cyanide really nailed this one. I think that’s called the stopped clock syndrome. GMG has it for $16.

Enjoyed the demo awhile back quite a bit.