Rogue Trader is the Warhammer CRPG from Owlcat (makers of the Pathfinder cRPGs)

Most definitely, WotR is still full of bugs that they introduce each patch. I did notice that they’ve moved to beta testing patches now. Or were they always doing that and I never noticed?

I’m still not sold on the world of Warhammer, but I’m getting interested in what they are doing with the gameplay. As long as the story and dialogue hits like it does in WotR, I think I’ve moved towards being positive about it.

They do beta testing of their large patches. They last did it for 1.4. I participated in the 1.4 beta and listed out a good 50 or so bugs, 90% of which went on to be in final version of 1.4 and probably half of which are still in the game. :)

I think they mostly do it as a curtesy to the modders, most of which ignore the betas anyway. When I told Narria that ToyBox was broken in the 1.4 beta they said that they were surprised that no one else had said anything to them… because so few people were participating in the beta, least of all Narria.

As a Warhammer Plus subscriber, I just received a 50% off coupon code for the “developer’s digital pack”. That’s a nice $50 off of their $100 tier (the highest digital-only tier)

So if you’re a Warhammer Plus subscriber, be on the lookout for that

I’m really not looking forward to a third Owlcat game with a settlement building meta-game.

The ship-to-ship combat looks interesting… but then so did the crusade parts of Wrath and it turned out they were garbage. I’m not optimistic.

Anyway, I’ll play the beta to see if they’ve added more than 4+4 classes to the game while thinking about which of the 150+ classes in Wrath I should use for my 32nd run.

Sweet, we get a space marine! Now I’m definitely in.

That was never in doubt! He’s right there on the box art!

It’s unclear if you can fuck him, though.

I’ll likely regret asking this, but can space marines even fuck? I am not deep into WH40K lore but I do know that space marines are heavily modified to be killers, not you know, lovers.

I’m 75% sure they cannot actually fuck.

But as I like remind Owlcat every time Camellia (who by default will only romance men) says, “I want to feel you inside of me” – women have fingers, too.

Wait. Is Rogue Trader a turn-based strategy game or an RPG? Ha!

No, I know it’s an RPG just like the Pathfinder games from Owlcat, it’s just that trailer made it seem a full-on TBS. Not that I’d mind that either, but if that’s the only trailer someone sees, they are going to have a skewed impression.

And beta on June 1? Ha, good luck with that. I’ll be into D4 come the next day and that’ll be that.

I thought D4 was June 6th?

Ultimate Edition. 4 days early.

You have way more faith in Blizzard’s infrastructure capabilities than I do. I hope the optimism is on target! :)

Good to hear the Beta date announcement. I’m still not playing it until the game comes out early access but it’s encouraging to see they are making progress.

Almost assuredly, though they have basically no sex drives, so not really?

Unless they’ve fallen to Chaos in which case they definitely can especially if it was Slaanesh.

I haven’t watched this yet (and I’m not sure I really want to devote 12 minutes of my life to this), but this just showed up on my YouTube feed and seems directly relevant to your question:

While I appreciate your addressing my question, I’m pretty sure I don’t want that percolating in YouTube’s algorithm when it comes time to make future recommendations. I’ll just leave this as one of life’s little mysteries!

Here’s a couple of videos from the beta, which started today (some content creators have had the beta for about a week, which is why content is coming out today):

Mortismal Gaming looks at character creation:

Raptor has a ‘first look’ at the game

There’s plenty more if you search on YouTube. I’m doing a semi-blackout to keep the game fresh so I’m not watching all these videos, but maybe someone else wants to see them!

Wrath was supposed to come with Owlcat-supported mod management and eventually even support Steam Workshop. A handful of mods were written using the Owlcat mod framework. But Owlcat never developed it and eventually in true Owlcat fashion, they broke it, so much so it fell onto Unity modders to fix Owlcat’s mod framework so those original mods that used it would still work.

Anyway, RT has Unity Mod Manger built in. heh.