Rogue Trader is the Warhammer CRPG from Owlcat (makers of the Pathfinder cRPGs)

Given that Starfinder debuted in 2017, I don’t think so :)

Are you thinking of Mines of Titan? I’m struggling to think of any other science fiction based RPGs that Infocom made.

Official Paizo reddit account, u/Official_Paizo says its not a Starfinder game. 😕

They also made that Battletech game though obviously it’s not that.

I was replying to TripleDive about Gamma World. Who cares about the topic :O

It wasn’t an RPG but a graphical adventure of sort? It was CGA graphics, so not the best looking thing.
I tried looking it up but I can’t find it, but I know I have the game on an old laptop’s DOSBox somewhere so I’ll look it up, and then report when I realize that it was really a backgammon action shooter for the NES based on Mother Goose!

Thanks! I knew I had to be missing out on a lot of context by not knowing who Owlcat was.

According to their website, their HQ is in Cyprus. Don’t know if this is a recent change.

I had to google them too :P

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Official statement: “Fun is not allowed.”

Interesting - it seems clearly sci-fi/space themed but maybe they are making something with a brand new IP? It will be fun to keep tabs on this, whatever it is.

Not sure on that but Caves of Qud is the closest thing to a Gamma World game and influenced it for sure. I haven’t played it to much but I fiddle with the character creator a couple times a year.

However, give me a full fledged party based iso RPG in that setting and I might be able to call my computer gaming life complete. Right after I get my Autoduel remake. One day…

Traveller is another of the big scifi TTRPG’s and its been rumoured for quite some time, that some development of a traveller computer game was in progress.

Man, I had fun playing Traveler PnP back in like 1981 or whatever. Though to be fair, most of the time was spent generating characters, who all ended up being like sixty before the generation process was done! All those rolls for different stints in different services or jobs and all that added up in terms of years spent doing them.

I think it’s gonna be a Warhammer 40K game.

Big meh.

It’s Warhammer 40K. Rogue Trader.

Awesome - Thanks for the heads up! Ive been interested in the TTRPG for quite some time now, so this is welcome news!

If anyone can pull it off, it’s Owlcat. Cautiously excited!

Hey cool, a crossover between WH40K and that Ewen McGregor movie where he bankrupted Barings Bank! Not the first thing that pops to mind, but hey I’m down!

The TT it’s apparently based on - Rogue Trader (role-playing game) - Wikipedia