Rogue Warrior

Any early word on this game? Its $5 off and on steam. I think i’m interested but I don’t know much about this game.

It’s been in development hell forever, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just finally released to get some cash back on it.

(yeah, it’s been in development 3+ years, and they basically restarted from scratch last year)

Like the Navy SEALs it portrays, Rogue Warrior has been hidden from view since it was announced in 2006. It turns out there was a good reason for its being off the radar. Bethesda has confirmed that the game on display at a recent event is completely different from the version initially shown to the press three years ago. Its original developer, Zombie Studios (Shadow Ops: Red Mercury, Saw), is no longer involved with the project, with all its work being completely scrapped in 2008.

Wohoo some serious MILF material here for sure.

I have the game on my watch list though I don’t expect much from it.
Still a shooter and therefore might be fun.

The protag is voiced by Mickey Rourke.

You beat me to it. Hats off to you sir.

…you do know that’s a photoshop right?

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

I just assumed it was one of the many swimsuit pictures of Palin. The gun didn’t seem out of place.

Damn! Don’t say I was tricked when I bought those pics…

Has anyone taken the plunge?

Are we still talking about Palin?

From the MS Xbox World review:

There’s a reason why Bethesda have kept quiet with this game and quite frankly it’s because it’s under par. There are some neat ideas such as the kill moves, the stealth and a protagonist who is laughable for the wrong reasons; but overall your enjoyment of the game is going to be somewhat muted due to a lack of ambition and polish. Poor graphics, bad animations and a shooting mechanic that doesn’t feel quite right coupled with some terrible glitches make for a forgettable experience.

This game looks appalling. AI looks to be one of the worst i have seen in any FPS game. have a look at this Look about 3:10 in for the AI in action. Also, how many “Fucks” can they fit in this game, every other word is Fuck or fucking - It’s cringeworthy!

Dear lord that was horrible. The buttcrack shown at the end of the vid pretty much sums it up, me thinks.

Was that from the PS2 version?


“Fuckin’ retard dead piece of shit”? “Get dead, fuckbag”? Is Richard Marcinko 14-years-old? Anyway, three minutes of that was about all I could take.

However, I do love the way Rourke says “goddamn”. No one gives those two syllables the perfect amount of bite quite so well as Mickey Rourke.


That clip doesn’t do the game justice. This one does:

“Shitheels are toast!”

Um, no, I’m pretty sure they’re shitheels.

That credits remix is aces, though. Thanks Pugliese, no need to play the game now just to get your Rourke on :-)