Roguebook: Roguelike card battler. Probably no yaks.

Thanks. I realise that. That said, nothing wrong about putting the name of the game you are speaking about (if it’s in a thread about another game). I’d rather not to have to systematically click on the post someone is replying to to see whether it’s suddenly about a different game.

Okay, hey, I was just trying to help. No need to get defensive. I don’t really think it’s a big deal in any way, shape, or form.

I know. that’s why I said thanks. It was not passive aggressive or anything. :)

Ah, gotcha - full disclosure, I read “Thanks. I appreciate that.” as pretty passive aggressive. :) No worries!

Lol, the wonders of computer-mediated-communication! Fostering misunderstanding, resentment & aggression for 40 years and going strong! :-P

P.S. Joke joke joke funny funny smile love peace :-)

I was so close. I had the start of a Bleed deck. I had a sword giving me extra damage before the first shuffle and my first hit inflicted bleed. I had some healing means. And right before the second boss, all my dreams collapsed.

If you have ever seen the intro up to the credits of Zombieland Saga (my kids know all the memes), that’s how my run felt. ;(

This game is more-ish though. Can’t stop playing it!

It was at a certain point you couldn’t progress due to patches making one puzzle impossible.
And yes, was Faeria. I think the SP is awesome outside of that issue, hope it’s fixed. The game itself holds up pretty well for a card game- if it wasn’t dead I’d have stuck with it.

And ZLS is one of the fav shows of my Calibur group- one of my Talim creations is Yugiri from the show now due to that.

These devs have had some missteps, but I have to credit them for being willing to acknowledge they made a mistake and taking steps to fix it:

When we created the Digital Deluxe Edition of Roguebook, our goal was to create an option for those who wanted to show a little additional support for the game. We focused on cosmetics, but we were concerned this wouldn’t be enough. So we ended up creating some exclusive content as a bonus for players who wanted to support the game and get more from it. In hindsight, this was a mistake and one we’d like to fix.

We have integrated the Apex Predator Pack into the base game, for free.

Having done this, we have worked with Steam to lift the restrictions on requesting a refund. Anyone, regardless of playtime will be able to request a refund on the Apex Predator Pack, regardless of whether you purchased it as a bundle or separately.

One exception is the Deluxe pre-order customers, who will need to ask for a complete refund of the game and then purchase the game again at the new price. If you wish to keep your progression, make sure to copy your save data located here:

You call that a yak? Pah!

during Faeria’s financial woes , they had backers who pushed them hard to do stuff just like this.

It squandered the goodwill of the community, even after they reverted things there as well.

Omg! I think that just sold me a copy of this game.

Woohoo, just completed my first full run, on something like my fifth or sixth attempt. Is there is where I come for admiration and congratulations? Lay it on me! :-P

Some reflections . . .

Bleed appears to be the single most powerful ‘build’ option. I credit success to a combination of:

  • An item that applied bleed stacks equal to 50% of the first attack damage
  • Another item that added 4 bleed stacks to each enemy at start of combat
  • Yet another freaking item, that added a bleed stack from every ally attack
  • A Sharra card that added bleed, socked with a gem that placed that card back at the top of the deck after every use
  • Another Sharra card ‘Twist the Knife’ that doubled the bleed stacks, then added 3 bleed

As super as all that is, I hope there are plenty other viable deck builds.

Basic Cards & 0 Cost Cards. Echoing an earlier thought in this thread. Whilst some 0 cost cards seem attractive initially, they seem woefully underpowered later when your Faeria per turn is greater and card-draw is more often a constraint than Faeria to play good cards. The only 0 cost cards I found helpful were Sharra’s daggers, and then only because they could stack on top of each other within the hand and be generated from allies and abilities rather than actually take up draw space in the deck.

Faeria world connection. If you have played Faeria the way in which the various creatures are implemented in Roguebook is just super interesting & cool. Lots of things just ‘make sense’ in how they are translated. Without any spoilers, I particularly liked how Majinata was implemented. Experiencing this was a real “oh wow, they did good!” moment.

Faeria & Roguebook launch/price/models Wow, the Abrakam team seem plagued by good intentions but poor outcomes. Faeria’s excellence has probably been hugely hindered by the switcheroos between free-to-play & paid-for-up-front models, eventually settling on a kind of hybrid which I feel was great value but seems confusing for some. In short, you buy the base game, and you can buy fixed price DLC expansions, and they “unlock” the ability for you to own the relevant cards, but you still need to actually acquire those cards through in-game play. So there are effectively two unlock steps, the first being purchase, the second being gameplay, and that often confuses.

The launch-day DLC issues with Roguebook seem like something similar. Genuinely positive intentions, but not well received, and generating some initial negativity. My side though, I would back anything Abrakam develop without a thought. Faeria has been terrifically supported throughout its lifetime despite not being a huge Hearthstone sized-hit. Caveat about the report of broken SP content from the most recent updates & ports to Switch & PS4 platforms.

I am always mindful that there is probably a difference between the guys (or gals?) that do the development & project work, and those that make choices about pricing & product delivery. It must hurt sometimes to be on the former side and see lots of negativity about something outside your influence.

Wow! Congrats! The furthest I went was the 3rd World Boss (is that the last?). I got it 2/3rd of the way down. But not reading a card in my hand properly basically killed my chances. I had to let my team die.

I had little bleed in that run (+1 bleed when Seifer is in the lead and attacks and a 0 cost broken bottle adding 5 bleed when it came up). But I had a lot of ways to generate defence, swap my team, as well as allies which damaged the enemies on every card played. That and Seifer with a few nice rage enhanced cards. If I hadn’t misplayed, I would have beaten that boss. But not sure what, if anything, would have come after.

3rd boss is the big end of game boss. Once you beat this for the first time a new form of meta-progression and gameplay & difficulty variety is unlocked. Remember the gate that you ‘open’ at the very beginning of a run? Does it seem kinda odd and irritating that opening it transitions to a non-interactive cut-scene where you just click to open the dang gate?

Well, this makes sense once you complete the first full run as that is the screen in which you choose what modifier you want, which adds some new type of challenge & meta-progress opportunity

good intentions and poor outcomes, and a huge helping of bad luck, describe Abrakam very well.

Like the devs but they’re cursed.

There are lots of ways to get card draw, though probably not quite as many u brilliant you get some character levels (not positive about that, mind you).

The unlock system you described in Faeria seems fine to me, but I haven’t played it.

Patch 1.4 is out. See the details of the balance changes here:


With our first post-release balance patch, we had a few important goals. We are a bit limited in what we can achieve here to mere number tweaks, but will be able to change more in future patches.

Firstly, we wanted to reduce the power of enemies that were outliers in how dangerous they were, or could lead to unfun play patterns. One big offender here is the Avatar of Mists. In the short term, we have lowered its numbers and nerfed the major Dissolve debuff to occur later in the fight for a lesser effect. In the long term, we are looking at a larger rework for this boss. Expect some more interesting changes in the future when we’re able to apply some deeper adjustments.

Heroes in general:

Here you can see our launch data on the average winrates across each hero pair. Keep in mind, this is a global average and doesn’t account for player skill or any other variable. It shows us a few things, among which is that Seifer is by-and-large the most successful run companion, and Sharra and Aurora are the least successful pairing. The following adjustments are made with this in mind, but are not expected to make each bar perfectly even. We’ll be able to observe the effects of today’s changes and make evaluations from there.

Avatar of Mists was the stage 3 boss I fought, and won, in my one completed run so far. It had the effect of dissolving (destroying for current battle) 4 cards from the deck every time it applied damage, and sometimes had 2 attacks per turn. That really burned through cards. I beat it only because by the time it had emptied my deck I had 50+ bleed stack on it and was still gaining daggers each turn from allies. Without bleed and daggers I would have decked out quickly and been helpless to continue the fight.

So . . . this nerf makes good sense based on my limited experience. I reckon most deck builds would have failed hard against this, and in a very frustrating way i.e. inability to do anything against it.

I can join the “I beat the game” club. I beat the Avatar Of Mist in 3 rounds. My build was all about cheaper (thanks to an item) allies giving me block, duplicating my damage and allowing me to get back cards I had just played. Add to this damage doubling gems and artefacts, with a drop of bleed (no cards gave it. It was a side benefit of another item) and I just shredded through it. Never missed the 8 cards it dissolved.

My understanding is that part of the issue with that boss is that it was bugged to dissolve cards even when it shouldn’t have.