Why is no one talking about this game??

Oops should have posted in the Roguelike thread. @wumpus can you move it?

Because it makes our eyes bleed.

Not enough ballroom dancing.

my god, what has unicornus knights done…

Why doesn’t Roguemance deserve its own thread? Why would you want to bury it in all the talk of other lesser rogue-likes that don’t even have romance?


Excellent! For years I have wanted to see the Romance genre taken seriously by games!

nvm , I guess I can wait a little longer…

Shouldn’t it be “Rougemance”? I think it would get more traction if the name were spelled correctly! I just googled "Rougemance and the 8th result was:

“Efficacy of hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate and activated…”

No wonder no one is talking about it!

I am not a mod ask @telefrog or @stusser

Do you like Roguemance??

I thought there was already a game out there like this called something weird like “Tinder?”

If they adjusted the theme just a bit to be a cyberpunk dating game called Roguemancer, I would buy it.

Can it be modded, I wonder?

Request Wednesday votes, here I come!