Not really a game, but a great toy. If you ever wanted some Rokenbok gear, hit Target bright and early. They stock Rokenbok gear every Christmas, and then mark the remaining items 75% off around now. Some stores started the 75% sale on 1/1, others will do it on 1/2. You will usually find them on an endcap in the back of the toy section.

I’ve got a pretty good set now, including a dozer, monorail, fork lift, and power sweeper. When I have it set up, no man or boy alive can resist playing with them.

I went to my local Target in search of these and they didn’t seem to have any on display anywhere. When I asked the clerk he was clueless.

Maybe I’ll try another Target. Ever since I clicked the link I have this uncontrollable desire to own these.


I think Zany Brainy carries these too, and ZB (as part of the FAO Schwartz family of stores) is closing many stores due to bankruptcy of the parent company.

Could be good prices but I haven’t checked yet.

PMs don’t seem to be working, but my wife says to try the Target in Burbank, in Empire Center next to I-5. She says the Greatlands always stock them, but not ever regular Target.

Sadly, by the time I got to the Greatlands Target they had cleared out most of the Rokenbok stuff - they were out of the starter kits. They did have the Power Lift and Big Dozer which looked pretty cool but without the central control unit I couldn’t use em.

Oh well, my temporary fever for these toys is waning now :).