RoL: Map editor help

I just want to create a map where I start as Cuotl and have no opponents or 1 opponet who cant do anything. I need about 4 or 5 neutral cities to conquer, preferably with no defenders, a 10 man tim patch, and if possible starting resources of 50k of each and 56 reseach points.

So far, I can place a city, but it always starts of as Vinci when I test the map. I can not figure out how ot make Tim Patches. The tool says click to place, and when I do, nothing is there to place. I hit the OK button and still nothing.

I can’t figure out how to even delete anything I place. Also the editor seems to crash at the drop of a hat.

Does anyone know how to do these things or if you do and its easy, can you make a map like that for me? I just want to figure out all the details about the cuotl and I need a scenerio where I can be unbothered with ‘winning’ and play it a few times to map all the information out. If I can do all this, ill write up a post with my results here.

Instead of actually placing your starting city, place a ‘starting location’. There’s a screen for placing these in the map settings section. Also, make sure that you don’t have any of the leader slots enabled on the leader settings screen. When you load the map, just choose Cuotl at the setup screen and you’ll be good to go.

Alternativly, you could load up a quick battle with no opponents. Through chat, type ‘/cheat keys on’. Then you can use alt-F5 to load up with resources.

Use backspace to delete something that you have selected.

Timonium is a little tricky. On the timonium screen, make sure that you have one of the items called timonium_01 or something similar selected in the listbox before you try to place it.

Good luck!