Rollin' w/ Chad Johnson (NFL stuff)

I really liked that interview for some reason. Chad Johnson is probably one of my favorite players in the NFL right now.

Few people realize it, but Chad Johnson works really hard to maintain his level of play. He’s at the stadium for practice before everyone else in the mornings, and he stays later than just about everyone afterwards. He watches a ton of game tape, and he calls the coaches at all hours to discuss things he’s seen on the tapes and ways to make improvements. He even started staying ovenight one night a week, and now it’s kind of a tradition for several players. Marvin Lewis has mentioned to the local media time and again that, despite his seemingly carefree attitude and antic on the field, Chad is one of the hardest working and most dedicated players in the NFL. Hell the guy rarely goes out during the season, preferring to stay at home or at the stadium and study game film or just relax.

On a team full of guys who’ve spent the last year getting into every kind of off-field trouble imagineable, Chad continues to be squeaky clean and has always been devoted to helping local charities. That speaks more about his character than any trash-talking or end zone celebration.

Absolutely. It’s always bothered me that the media has a hard time differentiating between the types of “bad behaviour”. There’s poor work ethic (Randy Moss), poor interaction with teammates (Terrell Owens), on-field antics (Chad Johnson), and then poor interaction with the community (ummm…Rae Carruth).

I would gladly have Chad Johnson on my team, but I would not want TO or Randy Moss.