Rolling the dice

I got Dragon Quest VIII yesterday. I still haven’t played Final Fantasy X. Which should I play first?

Play Dragon Quest first. Then play it a second time. Then, maybe, if you’re bored, play FFX.

Actually, I liked FFX when it first came out - but it hasn’t held up for me. DQVIII is amazing, though.

I found FFX constrained and alienating. DQ8 was a welcoming embrace.

FFX has a vastly more interesting character development system and a significantly more tactical battle system.

I tend to hate Japanese RPGs, particularly the FF games, but I found DQ8 to be completely charming and enjoyable. The writing and humor are awesome, with little of the self-aggrandizement (it’s so epic!) that dominates narratives of the genre.


I just started playing DQ VIII two weeks ago - it’s been a lot of fun, and heck for $20 it’s been a great value. The only things that have sidetracked me from it are Ico, Okami, and Company of Heroes. Ok, that’s quite a few things, but still, DQ is great!