Rolling with HK-47

Force Crush is where it’s at.

Hmmm, I remember getting them up to neutral, but it’s been awhile.

  • Alan

Yep. But it’s not 6 FP.

If you are light-side and quickly switch to a dark-side character, it will take a few seconds to replace all the white swirly stuff with red. This has a tendency to make them look like they are become neutral or light-side sometimes.

the dark side parts in kotor 1 were so great, but i got myself tired of the gameplay and i never got kotor2

If you’re light side and you take the time to hit up all the influence spots you can turn Mandalore. It’s just that there’s way less spots to get influence with him by the time you actually get him in the party that makes it hard.


Yeah, but if you get the Circlet of Saresh and other WIS buff items, it’s just about there.