Rolston Joins Big Huge Games

Timonium, Maryland (February 13th, 2007) Ken Rolston, the Lead Designer of smash hits Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind™ and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion™ has joined Big Huge Games to create a to-be-announced role-playing game (RPG). Rolston is a 25-year industry veteran, whose extensive game credits also include pen-and-paper RPGs such as Paranoia and RuneQuest.

Press Release

Wait. RPG stands for “role playing game?”

All is well, I can continue to worship at the altar that is BHG. Yay.

Lies, everyone knows it stands for rocket-propelled grenade.

Well, that’s certainly good news. I can’t say I would complain about a new huge RPG from a developer with a decent track record, and a designer from a series with a decent track record as well. Competition is good!

This is good news indeed! I hope BHG can pull off an RPG.

Rating this as good news since I had no idea BHG was making an RPG. Blah to the console bit though.

Yeah but consoles = big moneys. If RPG developers get big moneys and their PC version is still pretty good (and moddable) then I don’t care one bit. :)

Edit: Oh. No mention of PC = frownie face.

Nice catch, Big Huge!

So, an RPG in the Rise of Legends universe perhaps? Where do I sign up?


Dungeon Siege III! yawn

That was Gas Powered Games, wasn’t it?

Blah to the console bit though.

You’ll have a hard time getting a bigger publisher signed/budget granted if you don’t intend to cover consoles as well.


at least his credentials at pen and paper arent that impressing… and Oblivion is no rpg its an action rpg… but nowadays everyone thinks thats the same…

Yes, it’s the rest of the world that’s wrong…not you.

What’s the German word for “troll”?

His credits include games and supplements for PARANOIA, RUNEQUEST, WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY, AD&D, D&D, STAR WARS, GHOSTBUSTERS, and STORMBRINGER. Ken was winner of the H. G. Wells Award for Best Role-playing Game, Paranoia, 1985,and served as role-playing director for West End Games, Games Workshop, and Avalon Hill Game Company.

Yes none of that is really that impressive in the pen-and-paper RPG mold.

I’m pretty sure he did some Star Frontiers modules too.

— Alan

Roleplaying Game Credits:

Book Publisher Credit
Paranoia XP (2004) Mongoose Publishing Source Material
Paranoia XP (2004) Mongoose Publishing Developer
Four Scrolls of Revelation, The (Hero Wars) (2002) Unspoken Word, The Author
Apocrypha 2: Charts of Darkness (Warhammer FRP) (2000) Hogshead Publishing Ltd. Author
Pavis & Big Rubble, 2nd Ed. (RuneQuest) (1999) Moon Design Publications Author
Paranoia, 5th Ed. (1995) West End Games Original Development
Lords of Terror (RuneQuest) (1994) Avalon Hill Editor-in-Chief
Lords of Terror (RuneQuest) (1994) Avalon Hill Additional Material
Strangers in Prax (RuneQuest) (1994) Avalon Hill Error Trapping & Contributing Design
Strangers in Prax (RuneQuest) (1994) Avalon Hill Layout and Production
Strangers in Prax (RuneQuest) (1994) Avalon Hill Editing
Wraith: The Oblivion (1994) White Wolf Author
Dorastor, Land of Doom (RuneQuest) (1993) Avalon Hill Development and Editing
Dorastor, Land of Doom (RuneQuest) (1993) Avalon Hill Design
Shadows on the Borderland (RuneQuest) (1993) Avalon Hill Development, Editing and Additional Material
Shadows on the Borderland (RuneQuest) (1993) Avalon Hill Author
Charlemagne’s Paladins Campaign Sourcebook (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1992) TSR, Inc. Design
Primal Order, The (1992) Wizards of the Coast Foreword
River of Cradles (RuneQuest) (1992) Avalon Hill Design
River of Cradles (RuneQuest) (1992) Avalon Hill Development and Editing
Sun County (RuneQuest) (1992) Avalon Hill Development, Editing and Additional Material
Computer Always Shoots Twice, The (Paranoia) (1988) West End Games Design
Northern Reaches, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1988) TSR, Inc. Design
Best of Intentions, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1987) TSR, Inc. Design
Kingdom of Ierendi, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1987) TSR, Inc. Developer
Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game (Star Wars (d6)) (1987) West End Games Solo Adventure and Adventure Ideas
Acute Paranoia (1986) West End Games Design
Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game (1986) West End Games Developer
HIL Sector Blues (Paranoia) (1986) West End Games Design
Orcbusters (Paranoia) (1986) West End Games Design
Black Sword (Stormbringer) (1985) Chaosium Author
Paranoia Gamemaster Screen (1985) West End Games Author
Send In the Clones (Paranoia) (1985) West End Games Developer
Stealer of Souls (Stormbringer) (1985) Chaosium Author
Conan Against Darkness! (1984) TSR, Inc. Author
Lost Island of Castanamir, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1984) TSR, Inc. Author
Paranoia (1984) West End Games Development and Editing

Magazine Article Credits:

Article Credit
“Newtlings of Glorantha” in Tradetalk #11 (2002) Inspiration
“Orcs in Space” in Dragon #149 (Sep 1989) Author
“Regina Cayli” in Star Wars Adventure Journal #1 (Feb 1994) Author
“The South Coast of Genertela” in Tradetalk #10 (2002) Original Material

Fiction Credits:

Book Publisher Credit
Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Shot (Paranoia) (1991) West End Games Author

yeah its a long list but nearly nothing made it as a good Sale…

Just stop. You aren’t helping yourself.

I thought it was Brian Rolston :/