Roman-era Egyptian d20

That is so cool. I never knew the Egyptian’s played D&D. I would like to see their Monster Compendium.


Very cool. Product description is “Roman die”. It was just purchased in Egypt around 1920.

From the picture i can see a “T O A H I P” and what looks like a “Q”

Yeah, but it says such dice “from the Roman period” are known, and since the Romans went through a few periods of their own I think that may be meant to signify the period of Roman rule in Egypt.

If that’s right, the unknown game may have originated with the Roman occupiers, the Seleucid Greeks who were the prior rulers, or pre-Seleucid Egyptians…Who knows?

Well, those don’t look like hieroglyphics to me. I wish they’d show the other faces.

Edit - Found this. Anyone know alchemy?


That’s just become my computer background. Sorry “What the god damn fucking hell are you shitheads talking about?” ceramic figure by Sparky. You had a long, and glorious, reign and will be missed.

The Romans took all their best monsters from the Greeks anyways. And wasn’t it the Greeks who discovered the icosahedron?

… as it turns out, even they were late to the party.