Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII

So this is out in English now…

But it’s definitely on the pricier side. Has anybody around here tried the game. I’m interested, but at that price only if it holds up.

I’d be interested in knowing as well. I was a big RTK fan back in the day.

Ohhhh, wishlisted. Thank you! I’ve got XI from GamersGate and I’ve been toying with it. Great fun.

Not that I put much stock in steam reviews, but you should read some of them, just sayin…

Here’s a review, though it’s for the PS4 version.

Also a Youtube review by NicheGamer (also for the PS4 version, I think):

I did, but most of them are from when the game had no English version. I don’t think those will apply to my perception of the game, honestly.

Most just compare it with an apparently better earlier version that I have not played.

Great news. I loved XI, $50 is a bit high, but that was the “sale” price for the English version of Nobunaga’s Ambition.

Apparently 17% off constitutes ‘Midweek Madness’ these days. That’s more like Midweek Student Discount.

Reviews seem to be universally negative, not just on the steam forums but on RTK fansites, etc. Which is a huge disappointment since I loved RTK X, and would have loved another RPG slanted entry in the franchise.

I might just load up X again. (It runs well on a PS2 emulator, if you’re too lazy to hook up your PS2!)

Also, this from the store page doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence:

Mojor [sic] Update! Now, you can play ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIII with English interface & subtitles!

This looks to be fairly different than XI, which was a fairly competent TBS game that I liked as well. This seems to be less focused on that, so be aware.

Son of a bitch.

I’ll wait. I don’t consider the vanila Nobunaga’s Ambtion and ROTK finished until the inevitable PUK…

The what now?

Power-Up Kit.
Usually you get

  • In game Editor to edit the stats of Generals, Population , gold etc in Cities.
  • Mores story events
  • New Scenarios
  • some tweaks to the game, usually to make the game harder
  • “improved” AI (more aggressive)
  • expanded options/Commands with more officer skills, siege weapons etc.
  • “New” game mode/mechanic that should be in the game in the first place (

Maybe additional portraits from Nobunaga’s Ambition /earlier ROTKs for use in the editor or create-a -Officer.

Ohhhh, okie! Thanks!

I don’t think they’ve ever localized a PUK though.

“Maybe additional portraits from Nobunaga’s Ambition /earlier ROTKs for use in the editor or create-a -Officer”

When you meet certain milestones in the tutorial (“Hero mode”) you’re awarded with portraits from RoTK XII. There’s also 3 pieces of DLC, each of which adds more characters. They’re free for now if you download them separately, but if you get them as a bundle they cost $1.