Rome: Total Not Being Able To Save

So I finally got around to playing the full version, played for about 2.5 hours last night, could not save once during the game. What gives? Does it ever allow you to save?


Err, I just hit escape whenever I want to save. There’s a nice menu with options like “Save” and “Load” and so forth. Are you playing a campaign game or a scenario battle?

If you’re playing the introductory Italy campaign, you cannot save for a very long time. Eventually, you can.

In the normal campaign, you can save any time.

Thanks, yes playing the intro. I will just go onto the main game then, I really don’t feel like playing it over again for 2 hours. Pretty stupid.


I think saving unlocks after either ten turns of the Intro, or ten turns after a specific event in the Intro. No, I didn’t follow the logic, either.

You also need to unlock the ability to play non-Roman factions in campaign mode.

You can save any time in the Imperial Campaign, and you don’t have the complete the tutorial campaign, once you start it and quit it the Imp Campaign becomes unlocked. You don’t actually need to complete the tutorial campaign.

Its some kind of a bug with the tutorial campaign. Sometimes you can save, sometimes you can not.


What are the chances that this game will convert someone (like me) who doesn’t like the twitch aspect of RTS games? The concept of RTW intrigues me, but I am skeptical about any RTS because I hate having to memorize upgrade orders, etc.

Does the demo represent the game fairly well? Maybe I could try that. I also have the demo for Dawn of War. Does that demo represent?

Rome is somewhere between civ lite and a beer & pretzels wargame, it really doesn’t fit within RTS conventions.

RTS is a broad category with one prominent design model. Rome has little in common with the ordinary harvest, hoard and havoc model of Starcraft, Age of Empires or Rise of Nations. It has little in common with the RTS model that Paradox has pursued, either, with all the grand strategy occurring in real time. In fact, the only real time part of it is the battle screen - the strategy map is all turn based.

As for upgrade orders and the like, there is very little of that. You do have to plan build orders, but you do in Civ3, too.


There may be a bug in there as well, but the game will tell you how many turns before you can save when playing past a certain point in the tutorial. I don’t recall the specifics, but I know it bugged me at the time.

Based on the first two games, and the RTW demo, I’d say “maybe”, depending on what it is that bugs you about standard RTS games - the twitch aspect, or having to memorize upgrade orders, etc. The second isn’t a factor, the first is.

For your concerns, yeah.

You can pause and issue orders, so the twitch factor isn’t really a problem either.

I am too lazy to find the other threads: Has CA said anything about this game yet? Is a patch coming or are they saying the game works as designed?

They already have one patch out.

Not sure if it fixes the save issue, I personally haven’t had any problems saving in this game.

That patch was primarily for MP. It did tone the power of elephants down, but that was it for gameplay changes.

um thxs but I guess I should have found that other thread. I was asking in regards to the whole squalor issue and late game with large cities rebelling and no options available other then exterminating em. (and I am talking second or third rounds of extermination)

I never heard of CA ever saying anything and was just curious if anyone, either thru forums or interviews had heard them comment on it.