Rome Total War 2 looking likely!


I was watching a let’s play video of Rise of the Republic and the music got me all misty-eyed and nostalgic. I’m very happy that Creative has taken on this model of updating and adding on to older games. Rome 2 was messy at launch but I still enjoyed it, and I’m thrilled that it has gotten so much love so many years after it’s initial release. Looking forward to playing Rise of the Republic later today.


I’m a sucker for all things total war, so I’ll be interested in hearing first impressions from anyone who bought RotR at launch.


The temptation was certainly there, but think I will also wait for other people’s verdicts given how hit or miss Rome II has sometimes been for me in terms of enjoyment. Also give CA some time to patch any glaring bugs that can sometimes appear in their new releases, both games and DLC.


I love Rome II but after the insane pleasures of Warhammer I and II, I tried the previous Rome II DLC a few months back and it left me cold.

In terms of the scale of battles the TW engine currently allows for, it’s just much more fun to have heroes and dragons and wizards oh my! than yet more dudes with spears and shields.

To reinvigorate the historical TW games going forward, they need to build a new engine with less splashy graphics but the ability to handle battles at 10 times the scale: not a wimpy gesture at a Cannae battle with 3,000 guys a side but a battle with the proper numbers in the tens of thousands per side, so that the size of the battle lines actually impacts the flow. Currently, the TW battles turn into micro-management slugfests, which is great when it’s orcs whomping on dinosaurs but not as exciting when its dudes with spears in rows. On the other hand, dudes with spears at the proper scale would float my boat in a big way.

I guess I’m saying they need to bifurcate Total War going forward: the current moderate scale system works well for things like Warhammer (bring on 40K I say!) but for historical games they now need to actually get to the proper scale.


I’ve been playing the new expansion all day -well --not during “business hours” lol. God help us if we play during business hours …

The new dlc is very tight. It surely is still Rome 2. Warhammer 2 has is beat in almost --almost every way. But …. it is very good so far.

I’ve played Rome and lemme tell you that’s no cakewalk. About 40 turns in. If you liked Rome 2 than I suggest it may be worth it. I had some trouble earlier today on my campaign and came back to it to try a different strat, That’s a good sign.

If you are a diehard Warhammer 2 person though, it may not be worth it. The history on this one is a bit oblique as well. Meaning: If you don’t know early roman history then it may not be so good.

(40 turns in and I only have one city other than my home province. I am sure there is a better way…)

Research and the strategy part seems very tight. Combat is weird in that romans are very weak at the start.


Hey @richardlgaines, are all your battles like, one color palate?

Both in the new expansion and in Empire Divided, battles are these crazy one color things, like bright red.


Can you play as Carthage?


Does not appear to be the case. They aren’t on the start menu and I haven’t pushed that far south, but looking from the main map, it looks like the only part of Africa that is included is a little chunk just containing Carthage.


Here’s the new “Rise of Rome” map stitched together from multiple screen shots (it doesn’t quite all fit on my screen in “Zoom Out” mode). Sorry for the coloring, but I have fog of war over most of the map outside of Rome and its immediate neighbors and the immediately adjacent sea zones.


Are there spooky bats?


That’s much smaller than I thought it was going to be.



I don’t see spooky bats. But there is a setting (‘nightmare’ or something) that gives everything a Halloween feel.


I thought this was an artistic liberty done with Empire Divided, but since it showed up again i’m thinking it’s a bug.

I wonder if this Halloween mode got inadvertently turned on.


@Enidigm, I’ve been playing Rise of the Republic and have not had any color issues. Tactical battles look normal.

I actually have a different issue. Battle replays crash the game. The replay goes through the full load process, the sound of battle starts up, and then the game crashes.

It seems rather odd that the game plays normally, except for battle replays.


Question: I noticed that there are both food levels for the province and for the empire. Do I need to worry about both, or only the total empire food level. I tried searching for “Food” in the actual PDF manual and came up empty.

Also they mentioned that there is now a “Hide Foliage” option available during battles. But I couldn’t find it anywhere on the interface, it’s not where it is on Total War: Warhammer. Does anyone know how to toggle this option?

  • You only need to worry about total food.
  • Options >> Graphics >> Advanced Options >> along the right hand side of toggles.

So I played through as the Insubres and was sadly bored. The lack of unit variety hurts the game. I wish I could find a mod that would allow me to play on “Hard” with the “Normal” Public Order bonus as I’d like to go back and do a grand campaign.


Thanks @jpinard. I’m a bit disappointed that the foliage isn’t an in game toggle you can use during battle as in the newer games. But having fought the last couple battles in forests, and not being able to see what was going on, I think I’m going to try playing with foliage off.


When you toggle graphic options it does a re-load on the spot, so you can technically toggle foliage on and off. There’s just no keyboard shortcut for it.


@ydejin @Enidigm @richardlgaines Do any of you understand the politics section? I get part of it, but some of it just doesn’t click. Here’s my full set of questions from the official forum which I have yet to get a response on:

Playing Rise of the Republic as Insubres. They’re the Northern Italy Germanic barbarian type peeps.

I go to politics, then politics tab, and see the nice infographic of a senate chamber and my opposition? The Clan of the Sun. Not sure what else I can do there except the two edicts.

So we go to the characters tab and I love the family tree but am confused by who the “other Nobles” are. Are they of my tribe? The Clan of the Sun’s tribe? Some other unidentified tribe? Also here, why would I want to hire a politician as opposed to a General if I’m going to spend the money?

Then, there are lots of things I could do down in the intrigues buttons… but mostly I can’t actually do any of them. The entire blue set of buttons has been grayed out the whole game. The only yellow button I can do is “do a favor”. But I must ask, why? If I do a favor for someone what will that do to them and myself and where do I see it’s effect? Why can’t I assign a new heir (one of my kids)? I did that earlier and he died before he could take charge, and haven’t been able to do that since with any of my other children. I have 1,200 Gravitas, when will I be able to insult or praise people? And what does that do?

And back to the main question. What do I do to stem the incidence of civil war or secession?