Ron Jeremy?

Actual Lego ad? sure isn’t a Lego site


It seems to be an ad for a band, if you go by the website url that is.

I didn’t even know you could stick the flat pieces endwise onto a block like that. I feel like I missed out on something huge as a child. The things I could have built! <-- aggregated this and other ideas.

I just glanced at it and after I’d left I thought, “Wait, did that actually say ‘Ron Jeremy?’”

I was not expecting that.

I hope you are not referring to Ron Jeremy here.

Reminds me of the spec ad for Volkswagon a few years back where the car decapitates a cat.

I’d add a link but cant see youtubes at work.

Search on “car decapitates cat” and I’d bet it will come up. And probably a bunch of other things you cannot unsee.


Actually for the Ford Ka

Watchtower looks suspicious as well.

This thread goes well with a cold beer.

I don’t think an actual lego ad would spell it “Sfynx” as opposed to “sphinx”.

Yeah, not unless they were owned by the same company as the Sci-Fi channel! rimshot

The one above it in that link has “Erection”.

I met Ron Jeremy once. He’s a really nice guy.

I’m the guy in the middle.


Those Escher-based ones are awesome.

Justin froze as Ron’s experienced hand roughly spread his taut young buttocks. What could happen next? The possibilities seemed endless, the mustache so close he could almost taste it on his tongue. If only his Dad weren’t watching! What to do, what to do…

the ferry is rad