RON : Ok I give up

Ok I give up. Maybe I am just a bad RTS player. I am playing the campaign as British on Easy level and my only two attempts at invading the Germans have both failed.

Both battles I had mountains of resources, 200 unit cap and extensive defenses.

Defending my existing cities is no problem - invading the enemy is another thing entirely. The Germans just seem to keep pouring on the units no matter how many I destroy. What the hell is going on ?

And how do I turn off this damned 90 minute time limit ? Man I hate time limits in games !

Does every campaign battle have a time limit ? Does every RTS game have to be a mad scramble for territory and resources ? Maybe I should stick to turn-based wargames.

These two battles cost me three hours of frustration. Not fun at all.

What speed are you playing at? I was getting destroyed until I started playing at slow. Now I play at normal with lots of pausing, but I knock it down to slow when it gets hectic.

I win fairly easily at normal(I think it’s called moderate) difficulty games and seem to be a roughly even match for hard(only played it once), or tough, or whatever they call it. Haven’t tried whatever is harder than that.

What’s your speed in the after game summary? I’m generally at 90. I was at like 40 until I got a better handle on the hotkeys. Tab is your absolute best friend.

One time the game got screwed up and gave me a 325 speed, which is like 5 clicks a second. I dunno what happened.

I can’t imagine ever running into the time limit. Even in grueling wars of attrition, once I survive the first 30 minutes of age advance I know I’m going to win. When it comes to surviving those slugfests, some tips-

  1. Click on the units in a group while having a unit producer selected to have troops you produce automagically join that group. Every so often in battle, queue up some more meat for the grinder.

  2. Keep a some of the explorer/spec ops troops with your ground troops. The computer likes spies and it likes to build lots of air defenses(in later ages). Explorers cut that out.

  3. Air power. In conjunction with the spec ops guys to jam the ack-ack, a flight of 6 or 7 bombers will lay waste to just about any enemy position. Helicopters destroy armor, and fighters, uh, exist. But AA will clear the skies if you don’t neutralize it.

  4. General powers. Use decoys when you can, it’s a good way to have the AI waste bullets.

  5. Don’t be afraid to go fighting with that first army you get in Conquest games. If you have reinforcements, you’ll be able to rush their capital for the knockout. If you don’t, you can fuck with their early expansion and prevent them from mounting an early attack.

  6. Capitals are good. In CTW, buy territory so you can get to the capital easily, then take it. You get the whole empire in one fell swoop. In the actual game, fucking with the other cities is only necessary on harder difficulties (where you’ll get torn to pieces by their quicker time-to-front unit production if you leave them be). On easy, charge for the capital.

Economically, you should try to specialize your cities. Find a place that can get double digit miners and concentrate all your metal production there. Build a smelter and go to town. Maxmise the marginal product of labor whenever possible. If you are going to have one farm, have 5 and a granary.

Thanks for the tips Ben. You have mentioned a lot of things I didn’t even know about. Maybe I should read the manual. :oops:

The time limit bothers me a lot. I like to build up my forces and move them around the map in my own time thank you very much. I hate being forced to move at a faster pace. If it takes me two to three hours to win a map then so be it - at least I am having fun.

Sean, don’t give up! This game is totally up your alley.

Just slow it down, pause from time to time, and approach it like a turn-based strategy game. Take your time perusing the tooltips, which are the game’s real documentation (think Europa Universalis).

Also, I’d recommend setting up a basic game to get familiar with the mechanics before jumping into the Conquer the World campaign, which presents you with some really specialized situations. A quick battle against an easy computer opponent will give you a much better overview of what RoN has to offer.


Thanks Tom. I ran through all the training missions with no problems. I also succeeded at taking over Greenland and the Americas barbarian provinces.

The two missions against the Germans were only at medieval level. Maybe slowing down the game is the key. I also tried some Bonus Cards (I really like this concept ! Well done Brian!) which sort of helped me.

I had amassed huge armies and tried attacks from simultaneous directions but I still couldn’t crack the Germans before the time limit. The Germans also seemed extremely adept at massing a large navy.

I’ll try a couple of skirmishes instead. And of course RTFM. 8)

Yeah, Sean, I can dig where you’re coming from. Slow speed (- on numpad, + speeds it back up) is your friend, as is Pause. Hey, the computer can execute 20 commands in a split second. Pause just levels the playing field, as far as I’m concerned. Especially when you get oil, what a mess that age is, what with oil wells, refineries, airports, and anti-air to build.

For those of you (like me) who ‘forget’ to build more units while you’re fighting or building, the infinite queue button is a godsend. Once your econ is really cranking, use it. I’ll usually have at least 3 of every military building near the end of the game, and 1 of those will be on an infinite queue of some sort. Since each subsequent unit takes longer to build than the one before, you don’t really run out of resources like you would imagine. One less thing to think about, and if you’re winning, near the end of the game you’ll have a humongous army to play with.

How do y’all get such high click rates? My click rate at the end of a winning game, on Moderate and Normal speed, is 21. I’ve tried to go faster, but I can’t.

And why isn’t there a hotkey to jump to your Fort? It’s a unit producing building, seems strange that’s the one building you gotta hunt down and click on. The in-game help says Tab, but if I’m fully researched Fort-wise, even Tab won’t get me there. ??


My click rate is averaging 14. And that’s jumping all over the map trying to keep track of everything as fast as I can.

I might as well be on another planet compared to you guys. :roll:

“Especially when you get oil, what a mess that age is, what with oil wells, refineries, airports, and anti-air to build.”

Yeah, it’s a bit much for me. I don’t find this age enjoyable.

The AI generally excels at massing large navies. This is a major departure from other RTS where the naval game is tacked on. In RoN, any large sea map triggers some sort of AI behavior that results in huge and balanced fleets. They make oversea invasions very frustrating, since the troop transports are very weak.

Don’t forget the attrition thing. One supply wagon/truck will rarely be enough. I target them first when invaded, and expect to lose them when invading. And keep ample artillery. They make quick work of cities and should then be turned immediately on surrounding military buildings.


Interesting. I usually destroy surrounding military buildings before taking a city in order to minimize the counterattack.

Your problem in this scenario might be that you’re attacking a high number territory. Higher level territories and Capitols, gain big advantages and are harder to take out. I usually avoid trying until I can get two or three armies and back up and use a “whittle them down two points” card. These Germans probably have a lot of infrastructure and probably free armies, from the start. What’s the score, btw? On the bottom right, what is the score? This shows you how far ahead (in abstract terms) he is over you. CtW’s difficulty is it often robs you of the easiest way to win at RoN. Speed ahead of the military curve and then attack with advanced units. Being stuck at the medieval age makes it more challenging because you’re limited in the kind of lead you can gain, and eventually he will catch up even if you spring ahead.

One of the things I love about playing CtW (or Quick Battle in a single or small amount of Ages) is that it forces you to beat the enemy with superior tactics, rather than rapid Age advancement. I love using cavalry to lead an invading force into a bottleneck occupied by my rifemen and cannons. Then the cavalry make a beeline for his supply wagons.

Here’s a tip for those 90 minute “take the capitol” CtW scenarios. Build cities toward the enemy. Build defenses. And attack as a counter-attack. I usually store a large army in military buildings near the border and let the enemy attack in force. He fights with my repairable towers and fortresses while I wait until he’s hurting. Then, when towers or my city are about to fall, I unleash the army in his midst and press on to the nearest city, take it and repeat. (This doesn’t work as well at higher difficulty.)

Maybe you’ll do better once they include Australia as a race.

Sean definitely pause a lot and or play on slow. After you rebuff an enemy attack, counter-attack one of their cities if you have a decent force left. Split your groups up into infantry, cavalry, and seige and way point the appropriate buildings to those groups. Have a general and a couple of supply wagons with each of your groups. Oh and expand right at the enemy capital early on, build 3 cities right in a row right straight at where their capital should be. After that you can dictate borders with forts and additional cities.

I can win all the time on normal when I pause a lot. I still lose on normal when I don’t pause at all (training for multiplayer) but I can win on normal if I bump it down to slow once the fighting starts using no pauses (training for qt3 multiplayer :)).

– Xaroc

What Qt3 multiplayer? I want some…

Australia - The Power of Yahoo Serious


What Qt3 multiplayer? I want some…[/quote]

I have managed to get into 2 QT3 games one the first night out and another vs. just Tom. Other than that I haven’t played any multiplayer. I figured I needed to work on my RTS skills before another foray back into multiplayer so I have been playing the computer quite a bit trying to get better.

I think I am ready for another go at it though. If Tom wants to set up a game for a bunch of us (any night but tonight is good for me) it sounds like at least Andrew and I would be up for it.

– Xaroc

Yes I tried this strategy today by building cities and towers. Seems to work well in the two skirmish scenarios I generated.

I think I have to stop thinking of this game as a C&C or even an AOE. It’s a different kettle of fish entirely and the gameplay in RON seems to favour a war of creeping fronts and attrition.

I also agree the game seems reasonably balanced - there is no one “super unit”. Everything can be countered.

Yeah, one thing I discovered with the AI is that you definitely want to take his cities as you work towards the capital. Trying to just sneak troops in to take the big prize early seems futile.

Also, unlearn the “build one big army” tactic from other RTS games. Sending in one army to get the enemy fighting and then attacking their flanks with a second group can decimate them.

I have found that feints work quite well. A modest sized force sent to one border can often provoke an overwhelming AI counter-response. You can use this opportunity to work towards your major objective.


Which should be Capital elimination, provided you have this option switched on. Hmm, is this how you guys are playing? Maybe I should stop.