RoN: Rise of Legends

Hmm. I can’t help but feel that RTS pull again with these screenshots.

Anyone heard the skinny on it?

Actiontrip has a preview of it.

It has me drooling.


The beautiful thing about these hero units is that their importance to the war effort is comparable in many ways to that of the Commander unit in Total Annihilation. If you add to that the fact that the game is balanced in such a way (in terms of the challenging nature of the AI) that it also somewhat resembles Total Annihilation… well, true RTS fans should know by now why from those statements alone, they should be excited about this prospect.

Even more hope they can deliver the goods.

This and Supreme Commander might get me back into RTS games.

This and SC will make my already low work productivity 0%. I can’t wait!

Wow those screenies are impressive!

I think I am going to be disappointed that they are placing more emphasis on heroes, in particular if this means more emphasis on micromanaging the abilities of 4-5 guys.

I liked RoN because I did not have to keep track of special units and click on them to get them to cast their little magic spells. I thought Thrones and Patriots was a step in the wrong direction for that with the “patriot” unit.

I hope they don’t put AI mobs (ie creeps) in that you have to kill to level up your hero.

Anybody else concerned about how hard it might be to navigate landsape with such dramatic depth? I love the way those screens look, but I can’t really imagine a camera/control scheme that would let you move through all the levels of that world quickly and easily. Seems like there’s potential for all sorts of visibility and unit selection problems, so here’s hoping Brian & Co. get that part ironed out.

I think it’ll work out. The variance in height of the play field doesn’t look like it varies so much, and it should be enough to be able to rotate the camera view and jump up to an overhead perspective. I’m guessing the more extreme drop-offs pictured are abyssal, and mostly for show.

First RTS I’m looking forward to in a long time, mostly because I think the setting is cool. Am I correct in understanding that building is done at a higher turn based level, with only the tactical action resolved in real time (I never played RoN)?

I did not get that feeling, but that instead the buildings are not necessarily “placed,” but are instead selected and naturally added to existing cities (such that you might “build” a merchant quarters by clicking the “merchant quarters” button from the city selection screen).

Somewhat like Kohan, I suppose, but where the buildings actually show up in greater detail as city spread. I think it all happens in real time, however (i.e. you can’t sit there and think about which one you want to add for a minute, as the fight is continuing).

That’s only my read from interviews, etc. however. Could be dead wrong.

Looks like there is alot of formation in the movement, if you look at some of the older screenshots. I would be surprised that movement will really count on easy group selection and RoN has an already great interface.

Can we start arranging a QT3 gaming club for this ASAP?

I can’t stand playing online with kiddies who download and watch all the replays. Part of the fun of these games is figuring out the strategies for myself; Not, applying cookie cutter build 100x for supreme internet score.

E-peen ++

I’d like to play with other people (skillful), but not doing so with assholes on the internets. I feel like a good RTS game can go on for an hour or longer, and hearing “GG NO RE K THX” at the end makes me furious. I’d rather just say Good game, and discuss in a polite manner what the turning points in the match were.


n0 kthxbye. :lol:

Seriously though, good idea. I however, am enraged by losing, so I may throw feces at you.

Yeah, but you hurl feces when you win, as well.

But then it’s with a roar of victory, not a simpering whine of defeat. So it’s more fun for me.

I’m in, whenever it comes out. There’s an old geezers RTS club around here somewhere that is apparently inactive. Perhaps the two efforts are one.

It inactive because people can’t commit to more then one night of playing. I still have TA installed you bastards.

Anyway, this game looks really great, to bad those shots are from MAY and there isn’t anything newer. I wish they would end all this secrecy shit and just tell us what the other two races will be and/or release a demo.

I think the secrecy thing is a bit of a bad sign. Well, for me personally, others may think it is a big deal. They seem to be putting a lot of time and effort into some type of back story. I personally don’t give a damn. If I didn’t even know what the “sides” were at the time of purchase it would not matter. It’s just not a “hype” item that I care about.

I do care about just having a better general overview of the game, which is why the “hype” machine secrecy thing is just irritating, rather than suspense building. It’s making me slightly less interested in the game in the long run, because I can’t get a complete picture of what is there. They are spending more time trying to build the hype than they are trying to explain the game.

Please don’t make me upgrade my computer again. Whimper