RON T and P vs. RTW

So I’ve had both of these games for a while, but have never spent much time with either one.

I’d like to get back to one of them, but only have time for one.

I like TBS more than RTS.

I like both time periods equally well.

Can I hear some recommendations, and why?


Two very, very different games and choosing between them is tough.

Saying you like the “period” of RoN:TP is kind of silly since it is all periods, but it does have a series of historic campaigns that are great. The Cold War one is best.

Rome has great battles and the best campaign the Total War guys have ever done. It’s MP is limited to the battles, but has a great SP campaign.

I’ve played both to death.

There are no wrong choices here.


Yes. Both, if possible. Believe Rise of Nations is available in some kind of discount “gold edition” nowadays (including the expansion).

The TBS aspect of RTW is a lot bigger than in RoN.

True, but RoN’s ‘do anything you like when paused’ feature makes it the sort of RTS that still appeals to TBS fans.

RTW does let you pause and issue orders while in battle also, though.