RoN tonight -- Monday, May 19

If anyone’s interested, I’m going to be hosting a game of Rise of Nations tonight for some folks, starting at 7:30 Pacific time. Drop me an email at [email protected] if you’d like to join us and I’ll send you the IP address.



I pretty much suck at this point, but it should still be fun. You can still watch the game after you lose. :)

No joy today,I’ll look for the game tomorrow…

That’s 3:30am my time, and I am being assessed tomorrow morning, so I shall have to skip that this week.


Crap! I had to send my copy back to TechTV. Here’s hoping it’s in stores tomorrow. Have fun, you guys.

Did you review it and they made you send it back? Or was it just a TechTV gratis copy?

Gah, all the local stores have it and won’t sell until tomorrow.

Does the demo have MP? :-)

I reviewed it, but they needed the copy back so they could get footage. The nerve!!!


Poor Greg.

Here in Soviet Canuckistan, we probably won’t see RoN in stores until Wednesday at the earliest. :(

Well, that was fun, other than the losing part… :-) (Tom realized that crushing military defeat was inevitable and taking the cheap “wonders” win. :-)

Hey Tom, next time leave the game up for a few minutes after, though – I wanted to look at the stats, but couldn’t since the host went away.

I don’t like the “only one ally” feature, though. Gotta see if that’s adjustable.

(Once during an AOE game at CGW I sent out a broadcast to “all” saying “hey, want to ally with me?” Everyone else did, knowing my propensity for the cheap and cheesy wonder win. At the last minute, Ken Brown decide to break the alliance and try to invade. He didn’t make it – so he was the only one who lost. Heheh.)

Erik had a crash-to-desktop after an hour of play. Not good. Well, good since he was on my western border, but otherwise not good.

That was an excellent game. Some very interesting strategy and tactics at the end.

Denny and I attacked and hurt Tom pretty bad but stupidly we had failed to look and see where the wonders were :(. So we broke the WRONG part of Tom’s empire.

I knew Tim was on my right flank so I built a fort and had a small entrenched army there. But when Tim swung his army into motion he bypassed my defense, swung around my empire and hit my army (invading Tom) in the flank - that crippled me and caused my offensive on Tom to fail. In desperation I sent my entrenched army into Tim’s area and started blowing up his wonder. I had it down to about 60% when we ran outta time.

Damn! A little better coordination or another 45 seconds and we coulda prevented the cheesy wonder victory. Then with my tank horde…

Oh well as the Bad News Bears say “Just Wait Til Next Year” :)


PS = extremly good fun - the best tactical/strategic MP game I’ve played since Kohan, plus fun Sim Empire fu. Highly recommended.

Yeah, good game. Unfortunately I was next to the aggressive player, Bruce, and was the first one out.

Can you raze your own cities? I think I could have held him off much longer if I could have burned the first city of mine he captured. Also, Tom tried to help by attacking Bruce on another front, but it was too late by then.

Oh well, I have to go military earlier. It’s been awhile since I played, whenever MS shipped out the beta previously.

I think you can raze your own city, but only after razing EVERY building in that city (one at a time, since you can only raze one building at once).

Hey guys,

Great game. As Bruce was finished Mark off, I burst in and took his capital, thereby converting his empire and what he’d taken from Mark over to my color. Dan and Denny allied to counter my sudden expansion, and so I invited Tim into an alliance, which triggered the wonder timer.

I actually did leave it the game up, Denny. In fact, it’s still up as I type this. Apparently, you guys got kicked out for some weird reason.

Denny, I think the alliance limit of two players is fixed. You can have fixed teams with more than two players, but dynamic alliance are limited to two. There are also rules prohibiting the breaking and forming of alliances during victory timers.

And, Dan, Tim’s army wasn’t invading me! We had allied to hold you and Denny back. Tim was coming in to hold you guys back from the part of my empire that had the wonders in it! :)

BTW, you may not have known this, but all wonders are always unfogged. You can see them on the minimap. So when you guys rolled into the territory I’d stolen from Bruce and Mark, Tim and I were content to just let you muck around in that battletorn backwater while the wonder timer counted down.

Anyway, let’s do it again sometime. Maybe I’ll go start a new thread for a game tomorrow.


I just have to say that the cheesy wonder victory was sort of accidental. When Tom and I allied, all of a sudden we had enough wonder points to win.

Oh, btw, if you had taken out that wonder, I don’t think it would have been enough to stop the timer, as I had another wonder or two socked away farther north :)

Gah, stupid demo only let’s you play the Standard Victory game, so no matter how many times I’m ready to annihilate my enemies with the battery of thermonuclear ICBM’s I’ve carefully built up, the Wonder Timer kicks in and halts the carnage.

Maybe you guys should try Assassin tomorrow night. that should be interesting. Especially if you’ve got 6 or so players playing. Each player has a “target” player they have to annihilate. If you manage to wipe your target out, you inherit his target. Attempt to engage a player other than your target, and your units attrit rapidly, so it’s pretty useless to try.

Too bad I have to work tomorrow night, or else I’d be tempted to jump in. Should get my copy tomorrow.


Also, I’d love to get in on a game tomorrow night. Here’s crossing my fingers that I can get ahold of a copy by then.

Woohoo, real copy of the game in my hot little hands. I’m definitely up for some MP…