This little thing looks neat.

It’d sure freak out the cats.

Chet, it looks like that cat has scurvy. Feed it a lemon.

More! This thread rocks even more than the Crazy Axe Guy/Nick Nolte combo from last month!

BTW, I have met Chet in person. If he were a skinny kitten, he would look just like the picture he posted.


That isn’t Isis though… silly Biloux…

Sparky, please tell me you Photoshopped that hat on. Please.

The Roomba would freak my dog out too

She has a hella funny page right here:

That isn’t my kitty. I grabbed the pic from

When my kitty adopted us she looked worst. No hair on her hind quarters and the first night in our house she had a miscarriage on our stonework and stained it. Cost us a bit in vet bill over the next 2 days as we went from one terrible vet who told us to put her to sleep to an amazingly great vet who gave us a discount on visit and surgery prices because we took her in.

2 years later, she has all her fur back and from never owning a cat before, I have become a cat person. As I told Erik when it was all happening, if only the homeless could dress up in cute little fur suits and meow. I couldn’t help but take her in.

Here she is proving she hates to lay on clean floors.

I refuse to believe these crazy rumors of Chet’s humanity.

LOL, scary I agree with wupmus.

I am allergic to cats. My eyes are watering and I am about to sneeze just posting to this thread. My wife is allergic, too, but she has had pets in the past and wants pets in the future.

One compromise she is proposing is chickens. I am not sure how I feel about this yet, but she cracks me up because she has started to read a book about rasing chickens, aptly titled, Rasing Chickens in Your Backyard.

Chet’s cat has good taste in games.

I’m really glad you found that good vet, Chet. That matters so much… the variance in outlook among veterinarians is vast.

The pet chickens I’ve seen on the news are absolutely adorable. You need to put a lot of work into their coop to keep the poop rate down, though.

…how could you keep the rate itself down with anything but a cork? :twisted:

Allergic people can adjust to their cat. I think it is their dander that most people are allergic to. My girlfriend is/was allergic to cats. When the cat first moved in, it was pretty bad and I had to shampoo the cat once a week so it was bearable for her. After about 2-3 months, my girlfriend just grew accustomed to the cat and I could stop the shampoos (thank god, the cat hated it).

Why that cat ever stayed with us is beyond me. In the early days of having her, I had to force down a dropper full of medicine once every 8 hours, she had to be shampooed and we took he to the vet to get shots.

Out of all the dog like things my cat does (i always had dogs, so my cat fetches (or bats the ping pong balls back at least), sits on command and a few other things) I cannot get her to get used to travelling in the car. I let her loose in the car and drive around to try and get her used to it, but she always end up with her hind legs on my lap, front paws on my shoulders - looking me straight in the face and howling. Has anyone’s cat gotten used to the motion? Maybe their eyes can’t adjust to the movement?