Root - A Frisky Forum Forest Game

FWIW, don’t forget that tokens and buildings removed from the board do not return to your player mat. They’re just out of the game (as @Thraeg did correctly.) My kids and I played this rule wrong for several games.

Are you sure? The rule book says both buildings and tokens fo go back to the rightmost empty space on your board

Damnit, you’re right. Of course, that rule is not in the Battle section, which merely says that buildings and tokens are “removed.” It’s in the Key Terms section, under the definitions of Buildings and Tokens, which says that when they’re removed they’re returned to the rightmost empty space of the track.

So of course my kids and I were playing correctly at first, and switched to incorrectly. Also, the base and supporter that @Thraeg removed should go to the Alliance’s mat. Looks like @rowe33 did it correctly two rounds ago. And I don’t think any other buildings/tokens have been removed.

I did something right!! :D

Base and Sympathy token. Supporters are the cards used to play bases and sympathy out.

The rules are just hot garbage. Good thing the game is fun!

I’m looking at the log file. Where did my base and sympathy token get put?

I think I accidentally deleted them from the right click menu. That’s what I have been doing with the warriors, and they seem to go back on the player board, so I figured that it was scripted to work correctly. Sorry. If there’s no option to recreate them, let me know and I can rewind to the start of my turn and put them off to the side instead

They’re available in the Pieces menu. @Kolbex, you can drag them from there to re-add them to your board. Looks like for warriors, it says “Kill”, which must return them to the player’s mat. But buildings and tokens say “Delete”, which must actually delete them. :)

Someone put a card in my board but it’s flipped over and I can’t see what it is. I don’t know who it originally belonged to, but it didn’t get put in that “give stuff” slot, so I can’t use it.

Ok, my turn: spread sympathy right back into the clearing I just got booted out of, crafted two cards for 4VP, recruited a supporter, made an officer, drafted two warriors, drew 2 cards.


Ah, sorry. That was me. I thought it was in the give stuff slot, but I guess it didn’t trigger. I did a quick fix-up turn to transfer it, and I think it worked this time (at least the card turned face-down when I dragged it there).

@Kolbex, that sympathy costs two supporters I think.

I think it worked, but you forgot to step through @Kolbex’s turn before you did it. @Kolbex do you want to redo your turn from the fix?

Oh, damn, I did only spend 1, didn’t I? Can we just use the card @Thraeg was supposed to put in my supporters for it, somehow? I don’t really want to do the whole turn over again, hehe.

If it’s a bird or a fox, that works for me.

Yes it was a fox

Where we at with this? I just walked by my copy on the shelf and was like “oh damn it’s been a few days”.

Sorry I actually think it’s my turn and I didn’t realize it. I’ll do it later this morning

Bump from a spectator who’s been enjoying this game so far. :)

OK, I finally took my turn, if you guys are willing to dive back into this game.

First, I fixed the Eyrie and Alliance turns as discussed above by discarding the card that the Eyrie gave the Alliance. (The Alliance needed that card to place sympathy.)

My turn

  • Refresh 5 items, leaving my sword exhausted.
  • Slip east to a mouse clearing.


  • Exhaust a hammer and discard a card to craft a kettle with a card, +2VP
  • Exhaust a boot to move south to a fox clearing
  • Exhaust a torch and the newly crafted kettle to complete a quest, +3VP
  • Drew a new quest card


  • drew a card

My board:

The map:

@rowe33, you’re up once again.

I’m gonna keep playing but it seems like you’re unstoppable!

Sorry for the delay, will take my turn in the morning and post!

Alrighty, let’s start with some Birdsong! Placing wood.


  • not starting a free battle
  • craft Sappers using Mouse workshop
  • Action 1 - build a Recruiter using all my wood, +3 points
  • Action 2 - Recruit!
  • Action 3 - March!


  • free move
  • Draw 2 cards, discard 1 down to 5