Roses Stores $5 software table - everyday!

If you live in the Southeast, you’ve probably seen the Roses discount stores? If not, here’s a reason to visit: A clearance table near the front with $5 software on it. I found the following in one store near me:

Old Large Style box:

Civilization III (With a real readable manual!)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
Monopoly Tycoon
Traffic Giant
Tropico Mucho Macho Edition
MS Money 2003 Standard
MS Encarta 2002 DVD

New Small Boxes:

Cultures 2
Dirt Track Racing
Industry Giant Gold
Crown of the North (includes Europa Universalis II)
Stronghold Crusader
Airport Tycoon 2
Neverwinter Nights !!

Five bucks a pop everyday and they always get new stuff in!
(See, I’m not all evil. :lol: )

No southerners round up in heah?

I’m in the Southeast (Huntsville, AL) but I’ve never heard of one of these stores. Too bad, because I’d be all over Cultures 2 for $5. And probably Tropico Mucho Macho Edition too, because I never did get the expansion.

They’re mostly in the Carolinas and Virginia. They were bought and taken private a few years ago.

I’ve seen them. I was in one in the Myrtle Beach area I think. They had all these old Genesis games. It was freaky.

Up here, the best deal place for PC games is Ollie’s. They get all kinds of stuff in for cheap all the time. I bought Neverwinter Nights there before Christmas for $6.99 in the big box. :)