Ross Dress for Less - Great Budget Titles to be Found

Yes, my friends, a CLOTHING store has decent titles if you look. Recently I’ve purchased Anachronox, Subarine Titans, and Mechwarrior 3 Gold all for $5 apiece. I don’t know how they acquire their titles, and each store has different selections, so it’s a big crap shoot, but if you take the time to look, you can find some great deals. :) Good luck!

Speaking of budget titles I recently picked up a two for one deal - C&C Renegade and Freedom Force for AUD$25.

Renegade is crap - Freedom Force is good.

I would have picked up Hostile Waters, but the box didn’t match with those cute pumps I was looking at. :roll:

Run back and grab it now. It’s a great game - the first spiritual successor to Carrier Command.

REALLY? I’ll have to grab the first copy I see, then.

Definitely get Hostile Waters. Some of the best voice-acting ever–that guy from Blake’s 7 plays one of the leads.

All I can say is that you’ll be digging through a lot of copies of “Jazz Jackrabbit does Math XVII” to find that chunk of bargain gold. Not to mention tons of old Tae Bo videos and a bra or two.

Your Power Pill

It’s worth digging around, believe me. I just found and brand new version of X-Com Apocalypse for $1.99! This was found digging around the toy department. Guess what’s going up on eBay? ;)