Router help

I’m totally new to this networking thing, so just bare with me. I’ve got a Wireless linksys WRT54G that has one computer connected wirelessly, and another computer and Xbox connected with a cable. I’m trying to set up the wirelessly connected computer to be able to connect to the internet and check e-mail, but I’m having no luck. It is, however, connected to the network. Just can’t use the net/e-mail. Not realiably, at least. Works sometimes. Perhaps this has something to do with the built in SPI firewall?

Anyway, how do you set up wireless machines to connect to the net, check e-mail, and share files/printers with the wired machine without using Internet Connection Sharing (which requires the wired/host machine to be on). The manual has not been much help. I’m very network dumb, I guess.

Have you gone through the Internet Connection Wizard on the wireless machine? I think you choose the “connect through a network” option.

You have to hook the router up to your modem or however you connect to the Internet. In my house, I have the router attached to my cable modem. Then you attach whatever else you have (xbox, computers) to the hub on the router. Wireless pcs connect automatically. Now everyone has Internet all the time.