Royal Tenenbaums...Eh

You have a wierd sense of humor, Kross.

If you think Royal Tenenbaums was pretentious because Wes Anderson wanted to make it the end-all, be-all comedy, then you’re completely missing the whole point. The movie is pretentious, and it’s that way -on purpose-! Wes is poking fun at his other films—especially Rushmore—in making this movie pretentious.

This movie’s entire point is to give a gentle nudge to those who saw Rushmore; laugh at those who don’t understand what it’s all about; and give those who ‘get it’ a pat on the back. All the while being so insanely pretentious and full of itself that even Yes could take pride in it.

I liked “Keeping the Faith” because I’m a huge Edward Norton fan. No help there, sorry.

I expected the dog to survive the car crash. It was the sole survivor of the plane crash that killed Chas’s wife, so I was thinking they were going to use the dog as a metaphor for the family. One of those “no matter how bad it gets, the family somehow survives”.

Then again, I’ve been told I read too much into movies.

Ben Stiller will always be Mr Furious to me. Beyond that, his other roles are just him playing a normal guy who has a habit of always saying and doing the wrong thing. Meet The Parents and There’s Something About Mary got a few laughs from me, but I really didn’t think they were good films. Too much gross-out humor I spose. Zoolander, on the other hand, left me laughing my ass off. His return to his coal miner roots was worth the price of admission alone.

I love Stiller’s riffing in a Friends episode as a Mr. Furiousesque character. Yelling at a chick (animal, not girl) that peed on his hand; now that’s comedy.