RPGs that retain their sense of wonder

Which RPGs best retain their sense of wonder, awe, joy in discovering new stuff, and so on when being played after the first time? Some RPGs are compelling enough to play more than once because playing as a different character class (in the case of non-party-based RPGs) or with a different party configuration (in party-based RPGs), can provide for a considerably different experience, but that’s mostly the case when it comes to how you approach combat. I specifically wanna know which RPGs have stories and immersion in their respective game-worlds with so much depth and detail that you simply can’t experience it fully with just one play-through.

That would be planescape torment, I can’t think of another RPG where you can’t see it all the first time through. Maybe Fallout might fit too.

Baldur’s Gate 2; I’m still amazed at how much class/gender/alignment-specific content is in there.

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Besides those mentioned above, the KotORs had that sort of replay value, simply because they had two (at least) different paths to the end-game. Of course, that meant that after two replays it had significantly less replay value, but there you go. In terms of story changes, though, I’m having a hard time finding any others off the top of my head.

I am working thru a replay of KoTOR now and I am having a pretty good time. As stated before, there is the good v evil difference. There is also alot of difference you can introduce with different main PC and core party NPCs.

Taking the topic a little out of the box, NWN has relative infinite replay value given the number of usermade modules out there, plus the capability to play online with a gamemaster. Both free. The NWN OCs, however, had relatively minimal replay value IMO.

Agreed – I played KoTOR as light side and immediately turned around and played through again as Dark. The experience was sufficiently different to be enjoyable.

Deus Ex. I have played through the game 27 times now, and only in the last 2 runs did I not find some location, some new path, some new subplot, some conversation, that I didn’t notice before.

For an extra challenge, try seeing how far you can go through the game without killing anyone. =]

BG2 and Gothic 2 are my choices

BG2, Torment, the first KotOR maybe (the second was way too obvious), and Bloodlines vis a vis replaying as a Malk.

Morrowind, for squeezing originality and mystique from The Elder Scrolls’ otherwise derivative fantasy trappings.

BG2, for doing the same, frankly, with the Forgotten Realms.

Gauntlet. Just because.

Arcanum is a must for replaying and trying different things.

Arcanum. You can play as a mage-heavy or technology-heavy character, making your
path through the game different. There are also different endings, depending on who you
allied with, but it’s more of a summary.
EDIT: Bah, caesarbear beat me to it because I was playing Oblivion
while reading threads :/

There is a ton of RP content in Temple of Elemental Evil (cities and in the temple proper) which varies depending on your party alignment, skill choices, which characters speak to NPCs, etc. Plus like four different ways to “win”, and a few endgame story elements which vary depending on choices you made throughout the dungeon.

Holy Crap! I love Deus Ex, but that still seems like the sort of punishment an omnipotent Chick would mete out for using the word “fun” in a game review.

Holy cow! So you’ve been playing through the game, in its entirety, like once every two or three months since the game was released?

To this day, Skies of Arcadia still warms my soul. (sniff)

Since it came out about 5-1/2 years ago, my first playthrough was just over 25 hours. Now its down to about 10-15, depending on what part of the game I am trying to focus on.

But yeah, usually when I get to talking to someone about Deus Ex, I usually end up starting to play it through again soon after. I think I have broken the habit now, though.

I guess when you put it that way, it’s really nothing compared to the average dude’s WoW habit. :)

First one that came to my mind when I saw the title, and I’m an old-school PC gamer type. Even after you find everything, you wanna play it again!

I love Chrono Trigger, for both discovering new endings and the ability to utterly kick the crap out of bosses that gave you a hard time the first time around on a restart game.