RPGs: What's on the Horizon?

So what RPG’s do you have pegged for Christmas or slightly beyond?

Some I’m watching for:
Gothic III (not too sure about this)
Final Fantasy XII
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (hard to buy a Wii for just this, though)
Hellgate: London
Age of Conan (really an MMOG, but I may be desperate)

As far as I know zelda will also be a gc game.

Age of Decadence.

The Witcher

Hellgate:London I’m looking forward to, though it’s really one of those “action RPGs”
Age of Conan would be closer to Christmas 2007 than 2006, IMHO.

Is there a release date for Age of Decadence?

Yeah, you’re right. I guess I’ll have to wait and find out how much the Wii makes a difference.

Edit: Was just going by the ebgames date on Age of Conan, which admittedly is probably not accurate.

Maybe for the end of the year, but I don’t think it’s certain.

Surely you didn’t forget about Neverwinter Nights 2?

Also, another new Zelda is coming out for the DS in 2007.

And EGM just wrote that the Wii Zelda will not be playable with the Gamecube controller, and the Wiimote control was redesigned so that you have to actually swing the controller like you want your sword to move. Cool!

Well, that’s a judgement that I personally am not rushing to make. If it turns out that way, great. But I’m skeptical, and will likely buy the gamecube version to play with my gamecube controller on my Wii.

Mass Effect.
Dragon Age.

Yeah. Bioware FTW.

Once upon a time I would have said Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon, but then I saw the gameplay movies and screw that “run around in realtime, then cutscene to some kind of static turn-based gameplay that stops the action like ten tons of bricks.” I’ve been ruined for life by pause-anytime combat-in-world western style RPGs.

Blue Dragon I think is supposed to be out in the States early next year. I’m looking forward to that.

Has anyone here tried the newer Vampire game [bloodlines?], i played the origional and it was alright. But i am a heavy fps fan and i love when they mix types well [Deus Ex], but all i have seen are screenshots and a movie or two. Hopefully the gameplay is fun, but did anyone beat the game? Is the story good, or just another “through the ages” type game…?

Funny you should ask, given what your favorite types of games are.

Vampire: Bloodlines is the best Deus Ex type game next to Deus Ex itself and System Shock 2. It’s really good, and it’s very Deus-Ex-y. The main problem with it was performance and bugs. The bugs have been really ironed out with the post-funding patches by one of the devs, although performance is still fairly poor.

Definately get it.

My Bloodlines mini-review: thumbs down, hack-and-slash snorefest, hope you like sewers. 7/10.

7/10 is thumbs down??

Flawed, with a combat-heavy ending but one of the best RPGs in recent years. Memorable characters and some great writing.

I never got that far, the sewer section pretty much ruined the game for me. Also I wanted to create a less combat focused character, but that was thrown out the window when I got to the section before the sewers.

Fall I think but Gothic III could delay its release.

My not definitive Euro PC RPG list

  • Beltion: Beyond Ritual
  • Blood Magic (Expansion is in Production)
  • BorderZone
  • Divine Divinity 2
  • Dungeon Cleaners
  • Frater
  • Gothic III
  • Grotesque: Heroes Hunted
  • Hard to be a God
  • Legend: Hand of God
  • Not A Time For Dragons
  • Sacred 2
  • Silverfall
  • Two Worlds
  • Tales of Walenir
  • Winterheart’s Guild
  • The Witcher

Do tell.

There is still plenty of good stuff after the sewers. I found that you could make a character focused on social skills and sneaking, but you had to put some points into fighting ability or you have a really hard time with the boss encounters. Celerity was a very fun ability, and very useful for taking on the demon dogs.

I wish they had made an expansion for that game, or had more time to work on the last third or so.

Geneforge 4. There’s a recent interview with J. Vogel at rpgwatch.

7 is as low as the 7-9 scale goes.