RtCW: Enemy Territory

Anyone else playing this? Seems pretty solid, enough new weapons and gimmicks to keep it interesting. It’s no Day of Defeat, but it’s fun.

Though an extreme lack of playable servers doesn’t help.

I absolutely love it. I played RTCW online for a long time and just had a blast, and this seems like it’s going to be even better. Takes a bit of time adjusting from BF1942 but I find the map test pretty rewarding. Also, the new Axis voice is absolutely hilarious.

Better than, “There are only two minutes!”? Impossible.

I couldn’t find a server where the movement wasn’t jittery, even at a supposed sub-100ms ping. =/ Is it the netcode?

Nothing, absolutely nothing beats the Axis “Dynamite DEEE-FEWWWSED!” sound. He’s just so damn happy about it.

I don’t know what’s causing the jitter. I experience it on id servers, which I get good ping on, but I’ve been on others with no jitter at all.

No, no, it’s spelled, “ZEHR AH ONLY TWO MEENUTES!!”

You want to hear a happy German?

Play Panzer Elite (a tank sim) and order up high explosive ammunition. I swear, the voice actor got some sort of method-acting sadistic glee at the thought of blowing up a building. “Loading… HIGH EXPLOSIVE!”

I found it a bit confusing, then again I stopped playign Wolf multiplayer about 6 months ago. The lag on most server was really bad as well, it was hard to hit people.

If you want to play on a server that isn’t laggy/jittery use address: password: planetcrap

You need 4 people to start a game.

hey, I’m a friend of stroker’s (blame him for my posting).

It’s pretty hard to coordinate playing this game with friends because of the deficiencies in the server browser.
Unfortunately the in game browser doesn’t support friends lists, Cut and pasting IP addresses, or ALT-Tabbing.

But Angie’s server is nice. Just needs more people to, y’know actually play. So, uuhh, anyone else have times they might be playing?

I didn’t realize Enemy Territory was available. I’ll get it and reinstall Wolf. I enjoyed MP RtCW quite a bit.


you don’t need the original RTCW. ET is stand alone.

Blue’s has a good post today on setting your connection correctly to address the lag issue. I set mine correctly and have had no problems.

BTW, Caryn, I see your peeking in on this thread, big thanks to your colleagues on releasing an awesome game for free. Can’t wait till the full package. I’ve always enjoyed Rtcw the most for MP.

Activision has certainly gained some good will from me… :D

I mostly play in the evenings, but I’m ready for a game any time. Has a blast last night achieved the highest rank and got akimbo lugers!

Angie and I are going to play for a while. So you don’t have to scroll up, the IP is, password is planetcrap

I’m downloading as I type this. I hope to get on later this evening.


good times!

everyone should come play!

Are there better servers available now? Free games are like free e-mail: no cost to entry = a lot of needless spam.

I’ve played on the Qt3/Planetcrap server. Good fun, though I suck so far. Still figuring out what the hell is going on.


I think the servers have always been fine wumpus. You just have to be sure to do the /rate 25000 trick.

good fun :D

we should try filling that server angie posted sometime.