RTS games that you can pause?

I’d like to see someone put map control on the left stick (scrolling) and selection control on a “mouse pointer” on the right stick with the R-button used as the mouse button. I bet if you worked real hard at sensitivities, you could make a pretty darn good real-time strategy game with those controls.


Same thing goes for shooters and look how many of those are on the consoles. They just slow 'em down a little, maybe add a touch of autoaim – I’m sure they could do comparable things for an RTS.

EDIT: BTW, is it ‘an RTS’ or ‘a RTS’? Surely one of our resident grammarians will enlighten me. :)

I’ve always said “an RTS game”.


Since you pronounce it Are-Tee-Ess, I say an.

I was about to correct you with the phonetical spelling and grammer rule, but thinking about it I’m not so sure. This is one of those weird grammer rules.

An MIT student. An AWACS system. A SOAR missile. An FNG.

I think that maybe the plural derives from the thing you are abbreviating. Who knows.

Anyway, back on topic. Thanks for the games list.

The grammar rule isn’t limited to abbreviations either, the pronunciation always takes precedence. E.g. “an hour”.