Ruin a game with just one letter

In companion to the ruin a movie thread, surprised we’ve never done this.

My opening salvo:

City of Herpes


God of Par

Donkey Dong

Devil May Dry

I call “Womb Raider” before anyone else does

Mall of Duty

Herbal Space Program
Kerbal Spice Program
They Are Fillions (Nathans?!)
This Car of Mine

Baldur’s Date, the exciting new Faerunian divinity dating sim you never knew you needed!

Dark Soups



Wait, what?

Heh, Judge. Maybe that’s an improvement.

The classic Wang Commander

This is “ruin a game with just one letter”, not “Make an OK game one I want to play right now with one letter”

Okay to be straight with you I’d play Divinity Dating Sim immediately.

Pelor shines his light upon you.

  1. Does Pelor always need to speak in the third person?
  2. Is this, like, a come on, or like a sex thing?
  3. I prefer the darkness, you divine disgrace!
  4. Shitbonerz

Kingdom Cone

Assassins Treed?

Ghost Reckon


Red Head Redemption; whereupon Little Orphan Annie gets revenge on Miss Hannigan

The Elmer Scrolls

Pork: Nemesis

Shitman: Blood Money

Metal Rear Solid