Ruin a game with just one letter

Crusader Kinks 3

Sax Payne


(low hanging, hacky fruit, I know…)

Elevator Faction
Scar Control
The Barf’s Tale
Police Guest

Isn’t that the sequel to Couvert Action?

Didn’t Steve Jackson make this game? ; )

Untitled Moose Game.

I’m impressed by your restraint in avoiding the more obvious, and vulgar, Deep Rock joke.

King’s Bouncy
State of Delay
Human Wind

@ArtVandelay three weeks later, I finally got the joke

Dragon Ape: Inquisition
Gateway to the Lavage Frontier
Dark Sun: Shattered Wands
The Savage Umpire
Stalker: Mall of Pripyat
Tonal Annihilation
Shadow Witch
Martian Creams
Freespice 2

Angel Hernandez is:

True baseball fans know this is correct.


I have so many images coming with this one, nicely done!


Half Lice

Calf Life

King of Dragon Piss

Ginal Fantasy

Strawberry Shartcake


Nood Fight


Liver Raid


Air Sea Cattle

Spare Invaders

Chipper Command

Moob Base Commander

Nice to see the 2600 so well represented there. In that vein…

Frags and Flies
Lemons to Diamonds
Swordquest: Fiveworld
Swordquest: Wireworld
Pitfall II: The Lost Taverns
Piddle of the Sphinx
The Darth Dies Screaming
Swordquest: Darthworld
Keystone Papers

Starship Poopers

(ok it’s two letters)

Slap the Spire

Demon’s Soils - about a demon who leaves Pandemonium to become a gardener
Deathpoop - Two words: explosive diarrhea
Otter Wilds - A cute otter is caught in a time loop trying to find a baby seal…
A Plaque Tale - Surreal horror about a dentist trying to clean constantly growing rats’ teeth


How dare you besmirch what we all know will be a masterpiece!

in that vein:

Dark Soils - that’s from … “gardening”

Unfortunate typo I just made (dropped 1 letter) that fits well here: