Ruin a game with just one letter

Horizon: Forbidden Zest
Elder Bing
Total War: Warcammer III
Grip Legends


Pathfinder: Dingmaker

Males of Arise


Death’s Dood

Sins of a Solar Umpire

Skins of a Solar Empire

Tabletop Stimulator

Alex 1 and 2

(Had to add “1 and 2” due to the 5 letter minimum to post, and now I’m well over that limit, aren’t I?)


Neverwinger Nights


She’s only level 17.

There’s a video on YT where Winger was touring again, many years later, and they’ve changed the lyrics to “she’s only 35”. Made me lol.

That’s funny.

I didn’t quite spit out my coffee, but I came close.

Distant Wordle 2

Combining space-based 4x grand strategy with a two-minute daily word puzzle.

Elven Ring
Elden Rind
Lord of the Rinds Online
Stat Trek Online
World of Wanks
Might and Manic
Alas Wake
Mania II

The Bitcher 3: the wild hunt. Fuck this rain. And fuck these hunters and their wildness. Can’t they just calm the fuck down?

Cyberfunk 2077: Music festival simulator. You’re in control of an all day funk music festival taking place in the year 2077 with clones and 3D holograms of Parliament, Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone, and many others.

My son has this contribution:

Weed for Speed

A bartering game?

Klingon Hodor Guard
King’s Bouncy