Ruin a game with just one letter

Like a run on sentence that fills ten pages before it hits a stop.

“You stabbed me! I will die by your hand!”
“What if the dagger just vanished from my hand and appeared in your gut? Or what if you die by reasons unrelated to this stabbing? Can you really say with certainty that I killed you if causation is non-trivial?”
“OK, I will die, just stop talking!!!”

EDIT: partly inspired by this comic.

Deb’s Ex
Stace Invaders

Hostile Waders
Hostile Wafers
Hostile Waxers

Laser Squat

Age of Winders

No Man’s KY
Dtox operative


Divinity: Original Gin.

Because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Grim Lawn - the existentialist version of Stardew Valley, created by Yoko Taro. Or it could be a Plants vs. Zombies clone, I suppose.

Tables of Arise - you’re Doctor Frankenstein, and you need to develop the equipment to enable your ultimate creation to exist!

Vaal-heim - bless you

Solasta: Frown of the Magister - you’re a mage apprentice, but you have no talent for it.

Lays Gone - a man goes on an epic quest to get a bag of chips in a post-apocalyptic world. Check also the similar game “The Layst of Us”.

Maneater - oh, here she comes…

Sunless Skins


Bunless Skies - a touching game about a toilet trying to cope with the feeling of not being needed

No letter was changed!?

Nah, it would ruin the joke. Consider that a rickroll. ;)

War on the Seal

Rubnautica Below Zero : get that cold out, rub it! rub it harder baby!

Microsoft Fright Simulator 2020 : It’s just turbulence ma’am.

VTOL PR : Use your AV-8B to win hearts and minds.

Cultish Simulator
Poop Hero


Gotta catch 'em all!

Life is Strange: True Colons

Same publisher?

Moneater (she’s Jamaican) [ducks]