Ruin a game with just one letter

The Long Park, a survival simulator about needing to sit down on a bench for a moment at Disneyland.

It’s clearly a battle-racing sim set in the closest parking lot to Disneyland, you fool.

See, I thought it was a put-off-shopping until December 20th and following randoms in your car around a mall multi-tiered garage simulator.



The “How it feels to eat too much cheese at one time” simulator.

Pier Automata, the best robotic wharf simulator on any platform.

Shadowfun - The ultimate VR shadow puppetry experience!



Starsiege Trikes
Wheel around maps popping wheelies and blasting your enemies with handlebar-mounted Spinfusors. Trikes come in three types and sizes:

  • Sidecar Trikes for teaming up.
  • Tadpole Trikes for those who need to lug cargo (like turrets and sesnors) around the map.
  • Big Wheels for newbs.

Lube World, the strange copycat game everyone hopes remains vaporware forever.

God yes please

World of Carcraft

The hot new VR game
Meat Saber

Afterwife, the tragic new divorce sim from Lucasarts

The Yeast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

Which Sierra blatantly ripped off a few years later with

King’s Queso, an extremely cheesy adventure game

Maybe the devs can team up for in-game corporate sponsorship.

Fare Emblem, the ultimate creativity toolbox to let you live out your subway signage designer fantasies.

Final Fantasy XV

(I added the V)

Final Fantasy VII (same deal)

Cattle Brothers, the grazing simulator.