Ruin a movie with just one letter


Enema Mine.


The Lost Starfighter
The Ice Store
Ken Hur
Maths of Glory


Peart Harbor
Shawn of the Head
Shot Fuzz
Men in Back
Good Mourning Vietnam
16 Handles
Ferris Beullers Pay Off


The Codfather
Apocalypse Tow
The Blab
The Deer Punter
Dear Presidents


Where Beagles Dare
Puns of Navarone
Hornet’s Best
Ridge Over the River Kwai
The Longest Say
The Bed Baron
The Pig Trail
True Brit
The Quiet Pan
The Can Who Shot Liberty Valance
Gone With the Rest
Jungle Boot
The Stink
The May Me Mere
Barefoot in the Dark
Legal Beagles
The Bold Man and the Bun
The Good, The Dad, and the Ugly
My Fail Lady
Beat Geste

My favorite:
The Princess and the Frop


Forrest Hump
Shaving Private Ryan

And building on the last one from Gheewiz: the princes and the frog


Ghost in the Smell
Spirited Sway
Princeless Mononoke


The Princess Brine (in honor of turkey day)


A Single Van
Requiem for a Cream
Three Pings
A River Guns Through It
Touching the Noid
28 Mays Later


Mad Max : Furry Road.


The Bland Side.

The Lovely Boner.

Rend it like Beckham.

Allen vs Predator.

Binding Nemo.

Lara Croft : Womb Raider.


Free File. Sharlto Copley helps Cillian Murphy do his taxes online.


Robo With A Shotgun
The Friendo of Eddie Coyle
Circle of Friendo
Peter’s Friendo
Red Lawn


Have we already done “The B-Team”?


Dunno. How about the A-Tram?


Do The Right Thong
Fo The Right Thing
Do The Tight Thing
She’s Gotta Save It
Mo’ Betta Clues
He Not Game


The Codfather
It’s a Wonderful Lie
Deon: The Professional
The Lives of Mothers
The Whining


Conan the Destroyed


The Jive Doctors
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Rowers
Adam’s Fib
The Shin Man
The Thin Mag
Sow to Steal a Million
The Seventh Neal
The Best Fears of Our Lives
Prospero’s Boobs


An American Fail


How to Louse a Guy in 10 Days