Ruin a movie with just one letter





No country for bold men

Top Fun

Shes gotta shave it

Pulp Friction

The hay after tomorrow

Love, Eat Play ( a french softporno directed by @scharmers)


Splash! > Slash!


Tame Bandits


Red Dawg
BvS: Lawn of Justice
The Deer Punter
Man of Steal
La La Band

My all John Cusack edition:
Sixteen Candies
Wetter Off Dead
The Sure Thong
Pay Anything…
The Grafters
Sigh Fidelity
Pushing Tim
Hot Tub Mime Machine


Evil Mead (Screwtop Edition)


Cloak and Danger
Heath and the Maiden
Phat Dreams May Come
The Adventures of Boron Munchausen
I Want to Jive!
The House of Girth




The Prey
The Wraith of Khan
The Cookie
Field of Creams


Miami Lice

Pilates of the Caribbean


Frida the 13th
Children of the Korn
Nightmare on Elmo Street


A Bridge Too Fat


Star Bars
Bang 'Em High
High Loon
The Wrong Van
The Puppet Movie
Last Mango in Paris
Honky Monk


How about the Japanese classics:



The Story of U


And of course…



Glue Ruin
Greek Room
What We Do on the Shadows
Get Nut
Lights Rut
Friday Night Eights
Many Given Sunday


Shaving Private Ryan been mentioned already?


I believe yes, someone else has already misunderstood the rules in that particular way.


Technically it’s not breaking the rules as I understand them.