Rumble Box!

Hey Gang,

This game is too cute and stupid to be missed! You play as some strange cell shaded stick figurey like guy fighting other stick figures (actually more like block figures) in a sealed areana. The controls are as basic as could be, direction keys, spacebar (for attack), and Alt (for grabbing and throwing baddies). Each time you knock out a baddy he falls apart into his composite blocks and your eventual goal is to let these dead baddy blocks eventually pile up so high in some part of the arena that you can climb out of the arena. You make your points via smacking the guys down, more if you can smack several down in rapid succession. Some of the baddies you’re fighting have bombs for heads so that as soon as you knock them down you need to clear out of their immediate area or get blasted (or work it so they take out a bunch of their cohorts for a nice bonus)! There are also a variety of clever little bonus stages between each level (which bonus game you get depends on how well you did on the level via the time left and combo bonuses). Good FREE FUN (I believe its some student project)!