Rumor: Original Crysis is coming to PS3/360 reports Kotaku Confirmed by EA korea

Rumor: Original Crysis Bound for Xbox 360? [Update]

Today, the South Korea GRB (Game Rating Board) apparently approved Crysis for the Xbox 360. Crysis has not been released on the Xbox 360. It’s a Windows-only title.
According to the Korea GRB, the game will be published by EA Korea. The rating page, which also went live today, specifically states the game is Crysis. Crysis 2 was in South Korea earlier this year. Does this all mean the Xbox 360 is getting a Crysis port?
Kotaku contacted EA and will update this post should the company comment.
Update: South Korean game site apparently contacted EA Korea, who supposedly confirmed the Xbox 360 version of Crysis, adding that the release date was TBA.

ESRB listing:

what is this i dont even

That makes no sense. The sequel is already on those systems. Why would they port the originals now?

Well, It seems like Crytek has ported Crysis to Cryengine3 so it can run on consoles. I didn’t think it was possible, but they worked it out. EA Korea has confirmed that aleast the 360 version exist and ESRB has rating also for PS3.

Odds that they’ll update the game to play more like Crysis 2?

I’ll buy this for sure. Didn’t have the PC to run it at the time so i never got to play it outside of an hour or so at a friends house.

To win money? People can play Crysis 2, and after Crysis 1, it’s not exactly a plot-driven game!

By many accounts, Crysis 2 was somewhat inferior to the first game in its more constrained level design and linear game play, a change which was attributed to the limitations which console development placed upon CryEngine3. If CryEngine3 can actually handle the more open-world, free-form original Crysis, why was Crysis 2 limited by comparison?

Very likely. Look forward to no destruction of the environment, inferior level design and worse AI.

Ooooh! New complain about Crysis thread! Crysis is being dumbed down retrospectively by the existence of console versions.

Oh, look - consoles ruin Crysis 1?


I’m loving it.

If it really is a straight port, I wonder how they got the end game parts working. Even top of the line parts 2 generations later than what’s on consoles completely choked on the last levels

Lodscale the shit out of everything, limit view distance, etc. - there are ways to do it, question is if it’s worth the bother. They seem to think so, but I’m guessing reviews will tell a different story.

The problem is that bringing Crysis to consoles was never a matter of pure graphical fidelity. Level of detail wouldn’t magically make this possible, since the entire problem has always been ram constraints limiting dynamic destruction and AI.

No amount of LOD scaling could make something like Assault, Onslaught, or the game’s final levels possible on consoles without also completely crippling the gameplay and AI and tremendously altering the level design too.

They could just cut out every level that doesn’t take place in a small tunnel or inside the alien ship. Seems like a recipe for profit.

It’s happening! I never played the original on the PC, so I’m pretty excited.

What the hell? PSN and XBLA? That’s unexpected.

Yeah. I’ll be interested to see how they manage it.