RUMOR: Starcraft 2 announced next month

Courtesy of Wired.

Diablo is better!


I posted this in another thread.

Here’s to hoping.

What’s it been, 10 years since the first one? They really know how to strike when the iron is hot.

Did they get woken up from their slumber by Company of Heroes, C&C3, and Supreme Commander? (ZOMG RTS IS TEH BACK!!11)

The game has never been out of the top 10 in South Korea. The iron is still plenty hot.


Say what you will. The online is still thriving. They are saying that, in order to garner more sales, they will end up shutting off the BNet servers that service Starcraft, or else people will still continue to play that instead.

Thats fan service, right there.

They are saying

Who is “they”?

The evil blizzard overlords, duh

maybe some VUG beancounter!

This news would be most welcome.

Well since neither Blizzard nor VUG have said anything about this game, it seems more likely that “they” is some random website/forum poster talking out of their ass.

You’re just no fun.

To be fair they also like Lineage so much they kill over it, so that pretty much invalidates their average taste in games in my mind.

There’s probably more multiplayer games of Starcraft getting played right now than for all of those games combined.

The games you’ve named above are not particularly high on my list of games that have solid, competitive multiplayer gameplay. Starcraft is pretty much at the top though, ancient or not.

Anyways, a Starcraft 2 will be a good stepping stone towards the inevitable World of Starcraft MMO.

What if Starcraft 2 is really just the code name for the MMORTS. ;)

I hope they let me achieve my dream of playing a zergling and eating space elves in pvp.

The game you want is called Warhammer 40K, where zergling=termagant and space elves = Eldar.

If they’re smart (and i’m sure they are), the whole reason to release a Stacraft 2 RTS is to create the conditions for a fictional universe that makes sense to have MMORPG gameplay in. It’s hard to see playing a MMORPG inside a military organization. “Congratuations, Cadet, you’ve successfully harvested 20 wolf pelts! Now make your way to the Big City and talk with Agent X to receive your first deployement!”.

I’ll be too old to move a mouse by the time a 40k mmorpg comes out. When it finally does happen, it will probably only have 4 playable races and Tyranids will definitely not be one of them.

I concur. SC2 is the lore-building precursor to WoSC.