Rumor: Treyarch making Doom 4?

In the same pc zone mage that exposes Petroglyph RTS also mentions that the next Doom is being made by someone else. I remember reading that Treyarch was picked to do an id property and up until now, one would assume it was Return to Castle Wolfenstein but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Doom.

Raven’s doing the next Wolfenstein. It was announced at X05.

Cool! I know I’m in the minority, but I really enjoyed Doom 3.

After the disappointment of Call of Duty 3 I find it hard to be excited about them doing Doom 4. Treyarch’s name now raises a cautionary flag for at least the next few releases.

At some point with some of these games someone has to realize that the original story was paper thin and only whipped together to create a semblance of context for the game. Come up with something new instead of trying to rehash something that isn’t worth rehashing yet again. They can still use the name to get easy sales, they just need to break from the original outline pretending to be a story. Call it “Doom Wars: <Insert Something Catchy>”.

Maybe James Blish’s Black Sunday could be an inspiration for the next Doom 4, to wit:

  1. Demons invade Earth on Judgement Day, set up shop (city of Dis) in Death Valley;
  2. Cause some trouble for a while until;
  3. Satan realizes that mankind has created its own hell and thus becomes God (who he never wanted to be)
  4. ???
  5. Pixel Shader model 4.0
  6. Profit!

Doom should be far more bloody and satanic. Optionally, Lovecraftian as well since Quake has completely dropped off the map with that angle.

You only think that because you haven’t read the Doom books. ;)

[i]Rip and tear! You are huge! That means you have huge guts!

…rip and tear your guts![/i]

I only thought the first doom was any good. It was very atmospheric, very creepy. The later Doom games were nothing like that. Doom2 seemed to be just a collection of random levels. Doom 3 had potential, but the monster-closet mechanic was nothing but annoyingly stupid, while the entire game was an endless dark tunnel run.

The only thing I think they could do with a Doom 4 is to recreate the Doom 1 game and maybe expand upon the levels, but still using the original levels as a foundation for the new levels.

Doom 2 wasn’t nearly as immersive as the first game, but the action was several orders of magnitude more intense.

They made books? I think I was living an every so slightly less jaded and more optimistic life before being introduced to that fact.

This was one of the problems with Doom 3. It tried to do the “scary/suspenseful” thing that Doom Episode 1 had, but then towards the end it tipped the scale over more to the “lots of big monsters and action” mechanic that Doom 2 used. By trying to incorporate both styles of gameplay it sort of failed to really find its groove. Either way would have worked but it should have really stuck to one or the other.

Doom 3 is what you get when System Shock and Resident Evil have a love child, who is subsequently dropped on his head and fed paint chips.

Hell on Earth has better gameplay than the original, particularly in multiplayer.

Doom 3 is the worst FPS I’ve ever played, and it has absolutely no similarities to the originals in any significant way. HOWEVER: a Hell On Earth style game (not necessarily “doom” but with that same atmosphere) could work really well, esp. with RPG elements (i.e. a satanic FPS version of Fallout.)

It’s still all in all a bad idea though.

The worst FPS you’ve ever played? Man, you should give Mortyr a try. Or Corridor 7! Man, I’ve played so many bad FPS games. Doom 3 isn’t anywhere near as bad as some of the shit I’ve slogged through.

Yeah, Doom 3 was pretty unremarkable gameplay-wise, but you live a pretty charmed gamer-life if its the worst FPS you ever played.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Doom, Wolfenstien, and Quake are the best IPs of ID? Do they have anything left that they are actually making if this is true, or is id just turning into an engine studio who lets others make the games?

And don’t tell me Duke Nukem, that is a phantom.

Duke Nukem has nothing to do with id except for the shared Apogee roots.

According to the interview posted around CES time, id’s current primary project is a new IP.

Eww, I forgot they’re the guys that made CoD3. Hmm, that ratchets down the enthusiasm a bit.